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Requirements for Zedvance Loans

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Zedvance loans give access to quick and easy funds for your personal and business needs.

It takes only a few minutes to apply for and receive a loan from Zedvance. The entire process is simple and stress-free with multiple avenues to apply for a loan.

The loans are available in different tiers for salary and non-salary earners and from amounts as small as N5000.

This article has comprised the available Zedvance loans and their requirements to determine which loan suits you best.


Zedvance Loans

Below are the available Zedvance loans with their requirements:

Zedvance Nano Loan






15-90 days

Zedvance Nano is a loan offered by Zedvance that helps you sort out urgent needs with small finances. This is the loan for you if you are ever in a fix and need some quick, small cash.

You can get N2500, N5,000, N7500, or N10000 for your personal needs. The tenor on this loan is between 15-90 days and depends on your application amount.

Once you apply for the Nano loan, you receive approval and have the funds disbursed to your account within minutes.

After taking Nano loans consistently, you can become eligible for higher loan amounts with a history of consistent payments.  All repayments are automatically deducted from the account you link during your registration.


Requirements for Zedvance Nano Loan

  • Registered phone number linked with BVN
  • Completed application procedures


Zedvance Nano Loan Application Channels

You can apply for this Zedvance loan through the following:

  • Money pal by Zedvance
  • Zedvance online
  • Start chatting with Zee

Zedvance Payroll Loan


₦5 million




18 months

Sometimes, your needs do not wait for your salary or they may be more than what you plan for per time.

If this ever happens, there is no need to stress about funds. With Zedvance Payroll, public and private sector workers can get loans that aid in covering the costs of the things that matter to them.

Private sector workers can receive between N50,000 and N5 million for a maximum of 18 months for repayment.

Public sector workers can get up to N20,000 to N3 million for a 24-month tenor. 


Requirements for Zedvance Payroll Private Sector Loan

  • Official email
  • Completed loan application form
  • Valid ID
  • Staff ID
  • Employment letter
  • Utility bill (not more than 3 months)
  • Passport photograph
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months


Requirements for Zedvance Payroll Public Sector Loan

  • Completed loan application form
  • Staff ID
  • Valid ID
  • One passport photograph


Zedvance Payroll Loan Application Channels

You can apply for this Zedvance loan through the following:

  • Money pal by Zedvance
  • Zedvance online
  • Start chatting with Zee

Features of Zedvance Loan

MoneyPal App: The MoneyPal app is an important feature of Zedvance that serves as its main application and disbursement channel for Nano loans. This app is available on both the App Store and the Play Store.

Once on the app, you can apply for up to N100,000 and get approval within minutes. The MoneyPal support is also on standby to assist with any issues you may encounter.

The updated MoneyPal app now allows you access more nano loans for salary and non-salary earners, enhanced security with the biometric option, a better user interface,  in-app notifications, 

Zedvance Online: This is the online/web-based platform that you can use to access Zedvance loans and loan status and repayment anywhere you are.

Using Zedvance online is straightforward and requires you to sign up with basic information including your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Once you sign up, you can access all the Zedvance features available.


Chat with Zee: Zedvance online representative, Zee, is another channel you can use to get a Zedvance loan through WhatsApp.

Chat with Zee is available 24/7 and suitable for emergencies and weekends.

There are basic steps involved in getting a loan through this medium.

  1. Head on to the Zedvance website and tap on ‘Chat with Zee’ or saved this number on your phone – 0906 000 3933

2. Send a ‘Hi’ to Zee to get prompts for the next steps

3. For new users: your BVN and date of birth update comes next

4. For newly registered and pre-existing users, the following options are available:

  • Apply for loan
  • Request top up
  • Change pin
  • Contact Zedvance

5. Pick any of the options that apply to you and follow the instructions

6. Wait for approval and quick disbursal of funds into your account


Zedvance USSD Channel:  To encourage inclusion and increase the ease of access to loans, Zedvance has introduced a USSD code for all its products.

This code is a one-stop shop for credit needs. The USSD code helps to remove the barriers of internet connections, smartphones, and sales agent support. It ensures that even more Nigerians have access to the credit systems Zedvance offers. 

Those in the public sector (Federal and State) will benefit from this loan a lot. A maximum of N5 million is made available depending on certain factors and the repayment tenor can be as long as 24 hours. 

The USSD code for Zedvance is *5858#. To use this code on any phone:

  • Dial the code *5858# on the number linked to your BVN
  • Click on the loan application option 
  • Select a loan amount and tenor 
  • Accept the loan terms and conditions 
  • Confirm disbursed loan in your account

Zedvance Loan Calculator

If you are feeling lucky, take some minutes to calculate how much you will pay back before applying for any using the below Zedvance loan calculator:

Zedvance Loan FAQs

What is the highest amount I can get from a loan?

Zedvance Nano loan offers a maximum of N100,000 while the Zedvance payday loans differ based on your work sector. Public sector staff are open to up to N3 million while Private sector staff can access up to N5 million. 

Can I get a higher amount for a loan?

It is possible to get a higher amount than your current limit if you keep consistent, on-time loan payments for your existing loans. 

Can I use a number not linked to my BVN?

Zedvance does not accept phone numbers that are not linked to your BVN. If you find yourself in a situation where your phone number is not linked to your BVN, you can contact your bank to rectify such an issue. 

Why do I need my debit card?

Your debit card is used to connect your account for the disbursal of funds once a loan has been approved.

How do I repay my loan?

Once you receive a loan and the payment time reaches, there are two ways you can make this repayment:

  1. You can use the virtual account displayed on your dashboard to pay the amount owed or 
  2. You can link a debit card connected to your account and have the money debited from your account. 
How soon can I apply for my next loan?

As you finish servicing a loan, you will need to wait for a minimum of 30 days before you can reapply for another Zedvance loan. 

Can I change my account after collecting a loan?

Yes, you can. You can do this before applying for a new loan. Only ensure that the account you add is linked to your BVN, not a third-party account, as Zedvance does not recognize such.

How can I get more information on Zedvance loans?

Zedvance online is available with more information on its loans. 

Zedvance loans are made to provide credit opportunities to the average Nigerian. With nano loans that have short tenors for small emergencies and attractive interest rates, more people can now access loans. 

These loans come with easy access methods. You can apply for a Zedvance loan via WhatsApp, USSD code, mobile app, or online. 

You can find all the available Zedvance loans and features in this article. To find other credit options, you can see loans from other providers.

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