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29, 000

Minimum Price

36 + FCT

States Coverage

1200 +


Hygeia HMO

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • An affordable annual pricing model starting from ₦29, 000
  • Services redeemable nationwide at any selected Hygeia HMO partner hospitals
  • Over 1,200 hospitals and health partners across Nigeria
  • Easy access to your ID for service redemption through its mobile app

Hygeia health insurance management company is one of the oldest HMO providers in Nigeria.

Existing since 1986 and with a very wide network of 1,200+ partners across cities nationwide, routing your HMO subscription through this provider is welcoming with good reviews from its users.


When you travel from a city to another, having access to quality health care is important to your well being.

Since you can’t predict your state of health the next hour, having an HMO that covers several cities brings a good relief knowing you can easily walk into one of its partnering hospitals when you are down.

When you talk about reach, Hygeia HMO has affiliate hospitals in almost every city in  Nigeria which makes it an ideal choice for people that moves frequently across states nationwide.


Hygeia HMO Plans and Pricing

Hygeia health insurance has two primary plans with sub-plans suitable for you and your family:



The Hygeia HMO HyBasic is its smallest plan with normal and premium variations.

It comes with health insurance coverage up to ₦880, 000 per year being shared between inpatient visit, outpatient, pharmacy and other benefits.

Each of the sub-plans has packages for a family subscription which gives you a discount when you register up to four members of your family.

This plan covers common needs like accidents insurance, basic X-rays and ultrasound, accommodation and feeding for an illness that will require to stay in the hospital, telemedicine, specialist consultation and minor surgeries.

Other health insurance covered by this plan includes ear, nose, dental, eye, physiotherapy, and psychiatric treatments.


HyBasic Normal: ₦29, 000HyBasic Normal Family: ₦115, 770

This plan is worth a total of ₦600, 000 per year in health coverage. This is spread between:

  • Inpatient Limit: ₦350, 000
  • Outpatient Limit: ₦100, 000
  • Pharmacy Benefit: ₦50, 000
  • Others: ₦100, 000

You will be limited to category C and D Hygeia HMO hospitals buying this plan.


This is the Hygeia HMO HyBasic Normal plan for a group of four family members.

Coverage is the same as available in its normal version.

There is no much difference in pricing if you pay individually for your family members considering that going for the normal option will be a total of ₦166, 000. A little ₦230 higher.


HyBasic Premium: ₦121, 780HyBasic Premium Family: ₦475, 160

This plan is worth a total of ₦880, 000 per year in health coverage. This is spread between:

  • Inpatient Limit: ₦400, 000
  • Outpatient Limit: ₦150, 000
  • Pharmacy Benefit: ₦80, 000
  • Others: ₦250, 000

With this plan, you will have the option to chose between hospitals in its category B to D.

Hygeia HMO’s HyBasic Premium plan for your family of up to four members.

Health insurance coverage is the same as available in its normal premium version.

The family subscription gives you a discount of over 1.7% compared to paying individually for four people.



Hygeia HMO’s HyPrime health insurance plan is a more grade-level package compared to the HyBasic.

This package gives you health insurance coverage up to ₦1.2 million per year, accessible from over 1,200 hospitals nationwide.

Its inpatient cover is up to ₦600, 000 per year, this is ₦200, 000 more than the maximum allowed for the HyBasic plan and its outpatient is also ₦100, 000 better.

This plan has everything in HyBasic with additional coverage for family planning services, neonatal care like circumcision and ear piercing.

You also will enjoy insurance for antenatal, delivery and postnatal up to six weeks worth a maximum of ₦150, 000 per year.



HyPrime Normal: ₦69, 180HyPrime Plus Premium: ₦385, 500

This plan is worth a total of ₦880, 000 per year in health coverage. This is spread between:

  • Inpatient Limit: ₦500, 000
  • Outpatient Limit: ₦200, 000
  • Pharmacy Benefit: ₦85, 000
  • Others: ₦100, 000

This plan grants you access to any hospitals within the category C and D.

The higher upgrade of the HyPrime normal plan with an insurance coverage up to ₦1.2 million annually.

Its coverage is spread between:

  • Inpatient Limit: ₦600, 000
  • Outpatient Limit: ₦250, 000
  • Pharmacy Benefit: ₦100, 000
  • Others: ₦250, 000

You can get consultation and treatments from any of Hygeia HMO’s hospital categorised in B to D.


About Hygeia HMO

Hygeia HMO has been in the Nigerian health insurance market since the 80s providing different levels of medical coverages to individuals, small businesses and corporations.

Being a super-power in the sector, it is expected to deliver innovative experiences which the company has not disappointed in.

An improved continuous delivery brought into being the provision of electronic identity which you can present at the hospital and health centres for easy medical treatment and consultation redemption.

 If you are looking for a provider that has hospitals in every state in Nigeria, going for Hygeia HMO is a good choice considering they have a wide network of hospitals nationwide.

For better accountability, you can track how you are spending the limit applicable to your chosen plan conveniently through its mobile app, a good way to ensure you are utilising the maximum benefits.

Hygeia HMO is a nationally approved health insurance provider, which means that a plan you get from them can be used at a selected hospital in every state in Nigeria.

Contact Address

Hygeia HMO Office Address

Floors 6 – 7,
Elephant House, 214, Broad Street,
Lagos Island.

Contact Phone Number

Hygeia HMO Contact Number

0700 494342 466

eMail Address

Hygeia HMO Email Contact

[email protected]


Hygeia HMO FAQs

How do I get a plan from Hygeia HMO?

If you want to get a plan from Hygeia health insurance, simply visit by clicking the button below:

What is Hygeia HMO?

An industry experienced health insurance provider giving you a platform to save lots on medical expenses.

Can I pay today and get treatment at any hospital?

You can make a payment today but for you to be eligible to start redemption, you will have to wait for 14 days which is the maturity period to be able to create a profile for you and push it to their partner hospitals and health centres.

What if I exhaust my limit in one of the sections, will I still get treatment if I fall sick?

Hygeia HMO plans are shared into four divisions including:

  • Inpatient Limit
  • Outpatient Limit
  • Pharmacy Benefit
  • Others

Under each of these sections, there are also divisions with set limits. In an event the limit for an illness got exhausted under a section, the other benefit-sharing between illness types under the same section will be used to cover up.

For instance, say under Inpatient Limit with a benefit worth ₦1, 000, you have the following medical instructions:

Malaria: ₦500

Typhoid: ₦500

If after two visits you used up the ₦500 for malaria and you come visiting again to get treatment for malaria the third time but you have exhausted your total allowable funds after two visits, a part of that available for typhoid will be used since it falls under the same Inpatient category as malaria.

How soon will my account be created if I register?

Account creation to gain access to the dashboard takes minutes once you have filled and submitted the necessary information required at sign up.

What are all the benefits and illness coverage that comes with all the plans?

Hygeia HMO provides different plans which have varying coverage.

To see a full list of medical benefits that come with each of the plans, visit Hygeia health insurance management pricing.

Do I need to call Hygeia HMO to redeem medicals at the hospital?

You do not need to put a call through to get medical attention at the hospital.

But the best you can do is downloading the user mobile app from PlayStore or the iOS App Store with which you can check if you are eligible to visit a hospital for medical attention.

How do I see the list of hospitals I can go to?

Hygeia has a network of over 1,200 hospitals in Nigeria.

To see a list of hospitals and health providers you can check in, visit the hospital page to search.

Does Hygeia HMO allows monthly payment?

As of now, there is no monthly payment option for any of the plans.

But if you want to remit monthly, consider going through Aella Care, an insurance affiliate to Hygeia HMO which allows you to get any of the plans and pay on monthly basis.

The same terms apply to the normal plans only that the remittance subscription is flexible on monthly basis.

What is telemedicine and can I get that with Hygeia?

This allows you to conveniently communicate with medical personnel from anywhere without the need for a physical hospital visit.

All you need is a smartphone or computer-enabled with an internet connection.

Hygeia HMO does not provide telemedicine directly but they have partnerships with third parties that can allow you to access that service.

How do I download the mobile app?

Simply visit Google Playstore for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices and search for Hygeia HMO.

How do I purchase for my company?

Hygeia HMO has a package that covers the need for small to big businesses.

You can get by speaking with the company using the customer centre contact number.

Health insurance is handled by my employer, can I change to Hygeia HMO?

Company subscriptions come with ease when it comes to remittance as well as co-relationships between the current HMO provider and your company.

But if you think your current health insurance company is not providing efficient service, you can speak with the department that handles HMO subscription about changing yours to Hygeia HMO.

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