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Requirements for Zenith Bank Loans

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Zenith Bank loans are available for anyone from age 18 and above looking to finance either their personal or business needs. These loans range from Personal and SME loans to large-scale businesses.

Zenith Bank has provided you with various types of loans to cater to your needs with affordable interest rates and management fees.

If you have been thinking of starting a business or going off to college or university and you don’t have enough capital to start your business or not enough for your tuition for school, you can take advantage of any Zenith Bank loan to aid your goals.  

With over 14 available types of loans, Zenith Bank makes it possible for you to choose the right type of loan for whatever it is you need it for. These loans can either be Term loans (short or long termed loans) or a lease.

Be it starting a business, funding an SME, paying for tuition, insurance financing, and many more. All these are accessible to you at Zenith Bank at easy and flexible rates and reasonable time duration.

This article will outline the types of Zenith Bank loans offered and guide you through the most suitable for your personal use or your business growth.


Zenith Bank Loans

Below are the available Zenith Bank loans with their requirements:


Zenith Bank Education Loan


₦5 million




3-9 months

This loan is available to eligible parents/guardians who need financial support to pay for their child/ward’s school or tuition fees. You must have an active salary account with Zenith Bank and your child must have kids account with Zenith Bank to be able to access this loan.

You can borrow a minimum of ₦100,000 and a Maximum of ₦5,000,000 with low-interest rates and enough time for payback. This Zenith Bank loan is payable into the school accounts and allows you to settle any outstanding fees with the school immediately and pay them back gradually.


Requirements for Zenith Bank Education Loan

  • Child/ Ward must have an account with the bank.

  • Parents/Guardians must have an active salary account and no active loans with other banks.

  • An invoice for School/tuition fees should be available.


Zenith Bank Education Loan Application Channels

You can apply for this Zenith Bank loan through:

  • Any Zenith Bank branch
  • Internet Banking


Zenith Bank Z-Woman Business Package Loan


₦10 million




12-24 months

Female-owned businesses in all sectors can now access funds for business expansion and growth through this Zenith Bank loan. The Z-Woman business package is a loan type made specifically for female-owned businesses and female business owners.

It is available for women in both the public and private sectors and its purpose is to grow female-owned SMEs in every sector. To be able to access this loan, you must be a major shareholder or run a female-owned business. A maximum amount of 10 million is allocated for this loan. 

Requirements for Zenith Bank Z-Woman Business Package Loan

  • Businesses must be female-owned.

  • Must be a major shareholder or own 50% of the shares of the female-owned business.


Zenith Bank Z-Woman Business Loan Application Channels

You can apply for this Zenith Bank loan through:

  • Any Zenith Bank branch


Zenith Bank Creative Industry Financing Initiative Loan


₦500 million




10 years

This program was created to boost the lives of people, especially youths in the area of job creation. It helps you gain independence in the aspect of job seeking and gives you a chance to be your boss. This Zenith Bank loan focuses on those with careers or talents in the creative industry. With the loan provided by this program, you can gain the necessary support needed to startup/continue your businesses or activities. Businesses/programs eligible for this loan are: 

  • Fashion.
  • Information Technology.
  • Movie Production.
  • Movie Distribution.
  • Music and
  • Software Engineering student loans.

The maximum and minimum amount depends largely on the project requirements offered by the bank. The amount generally ranges from N3 Million to N500 million. These requirements include;

  1. A business plan.
  2. An accepted offer letter.
  3. A board resolution (if the business is corporate).

Requirements for Zenith Bank Creative Industry Financing Initiative Package Loan

  •  A business plan.

  • An accepted offer letter.

  • A board resolution (if the business is corporate).


9% per annum
10 years
Information Technology
9% per annum
10 years
Movie Production
9% per annum
10 years
Movie Distribution
9% per annum
10 years
9% per annum
10 years
Software Engineering student loans
9% per annum
3 years


Zenith Bank Creative Industry Financing Initiative Application Channels

You can apply for this Zenith Bank loan through:

  • Any Zenith Bank branch


Zenith Bank SME Sub-KD/ Sub-Dealer Finance Scheme Loan


₦5 million




12-24 months

If you’re looking to expand your business, this Zenith Bank loan program is the best for you. It is provided for those business owners who are looking into expanding their business or trying to increase their business volumes and drive up their sales targets but don’t have enough capital for inventory purchases or expansions. This loan is available for you if you’re in either of these businesses.

  • Food, Bakery & Confectioneries.
  • Beauty, style & Fashion.
  • Health & Fitness.

With this program, you can borrow a maximum of ₦5,000,000 with a reasonable interest rate and payback within a certain period.


Requirements for SME Sub-KD/ Sub-Dealer Finance Scheme Loan

  • Sub-KDs must meet at least ₦50m in an average of 6 months of turnover.


Zenith Bank SME Sub-KD/ Sub-Dealer Finance Scheme Application Channels

You can apply for this Zenith Bank loan through:

  • Any Zenith Bank branch


Zenith Bank MSME Loan


₦2 million




12 months

These are Zenith Bank loans for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. Available for people in both public and private sectors who have been using Zenith Bank for over 6 months.

It has a minimum of ₦500,000 and a maximum of ₦2,000,000 and a management fee of 0.5%-1% subject to a minimum of ₦10,000. This has a flexible time rate as well as little interest rates. It has a simple application process and is easy to manage. It is eligible in sectors like Beauty & style, Confectioneries, and Fitness.


Requirements for MSME  Loan

  • Must have had a Zenith Bank account of 6 months and more.

  • The business must be categorized in any of the approved sectors. 

  • Must have at least 1 of Zenith Bank’s electronic connection channels.


Zenith Bank MSME  Application Channels

You can apply for this Zenith Bank loan through:

  • Any Zenith Bank branch


Zenith Bank Timeless Loans


50% of annual pension




12-18 months

These are usually given as pension advances. It is to provide you with an advance on your pension. It is available to timeless pensioners in the public sector and helps to keep them financially stable before their pension begins. You can receive a maximum of 50% of your annual pension for Pension advance plus 100% of your monthly pension for Timeless pension advance.


Requirements for Tmeless Loan

  • Must be a timeless pensioner.


Zenith Bank Timeless Loan Application Channels

You can apply for this Zenith Bank loan through:

  • Any Zenith Bank branch


Other Zenith Bank Loans

Retail Loans for Scheme- These Loans include:

  1. Salary Advance – This Zenith Bank loan is most suitable for salary earners who may need to sort out important needs before their salary is paid at the month’s end. It is eligible for salary earners in both the public and private sectors. You can get a loan of up to 60% of your monthly salary that’ll help you meet your needs and pay back in due time.
  2. Car Loans or Asset Acquisition – These are loans taken to purchase a vehicle or acquire your household assets. If you need a vehicle to take you where you need to be and are not financially stable to purchase one, you can take out a car loan from Zenith Bank and purchase the vehicle of your choice.
  3. Mortgage Loans – You have a dream house and don’t have enough funds in place to purchase it, Zenith Bank offers you a loan that’ll help you achieve that dream house and give you flexible time and rates to pay back. With this loan, you don’t have to worry about losing the house of your dreams 
  4. Personal Loans – You have a lot of urgent personal needs and you’re lacking financially to be able to satisfy those needs, you can get a loan from Zenith Bank and finance those needs.


Overdraft – This is a type of Zenith Bank loan that allows you to withdraw a certain amount more than what you have in your account within a given duration. It usually doesn’t exceed 12 months.

Receivable Discounting/Invoice Discounting- You have executed a Job and you have an invoice of the job executed. This loan allows you to obtain discount values against the confirmed invoice of the specific job done. This is available for salary earners.

Import Finance Facility- This loan is specifically available to people for the importation of goods. Either raw, finished products, or equipment.  

Export Finance Facility- This is made available to people for the exportation of agricultural produce and other commodities. It is made available so that it can be borrowed either before or after shipment.

Term Loan-  For people who need financing to build a business or expand the said business, this type of loan is made available for a specific duration. Either short-term, medium, or long-term with flexible rates and is easy to process.

Lease- If you have an asset or equipment that you need to acquire urgently,  you can get a financial lease using Zenith Bank on the said asset for a long period. It is available for salary earners in both the public and private sectors.

Zenith Bank Loan Calculator

If you are feeling lucky, take some minutes to calculate how much you will pay back before applying for any using the below Zenith Bank loan calculator:

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Zenith Bank Loan FAQs

Must I go to the bank to get a loan?

No. Not all loans require a visit to the bank. While some may require you to go to the bank, you can visit the Zenith Bank website or use the USSD code *966#. 

How much do I have to pay back my loans?

For every loan, there is an interest rate attached. Depending on the type of loan you acquired, the interest rate differs. Refer to the above article to see what the interest rate of your said loan is.

Can I get a loan immediately I start using Zenith Bank?

Acquiring a loan will be near impossible for someone who just started using Zenith Bank. For most loans, you would have had to have an account with Zenith Bank for not less than 6 months and it has to be an active account. You cannot borrow money if you just recently created an account.

Can I get a loan to purchase personal belongings?

Of course. If it’s for personal use, you can get a minimum of ₦10,000 and above to cater for your personal needs and a flexible tenor is given for payback. But to use this, you must have an active personal account with Zenith Bank.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts of money I can borrow to start a Business?

For a person looking to start a business but has little capital, the minimum amount of ₦500,000 and maximum amount of ₦2,000,000 is available to build up whatever business is in certain sectors. See the article above for details.

How do I pay back my loans?

Depending on what type of loan you took, you can set a certain amount of money to gradually pay back within the tenor given to you. With this, you can easily pay them back the loan you took with interest.

Where can I get more details?

You can walk into the nearest branch to you or visit the Zenith Bank loan page to get more information.


Customers at Zenith Bank are left satisfied and happy when they’ve been able to achieve their set goals with the necessary financial support given by the bank. With the help of the loans offered by Zenith Bank, businesses can grow and prosper and the customers can meet their needs and have peace of mind with the flexible rates and tenors given to them.

If you prefer loans from other providers, they are also quite reasonable and can be worth a shot. 

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