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Eden Life handles your Laundry, House Cleaning and Cooking

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Eden Life allows you to focus on other things while it takes care of your meals, laundry, house cleaning and other chore needs.

Home chores are not routine tasks anyone enjoys doing every day, be it washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, cooking the food, handling the laundry or tasks as simple as dusting the TV but these are necessary.

Since you could be interested in other engagements and these chores could be hindering that, Eden Life takes away the worries by sending experts to your location to clean the house, prepare your favourite food and takes care of the laundry.

Eden Life

Eden Life





Eden Life connects you to chore experts for services that include house cleaning, meal preparations, washing of your dirty clothes and other items.

Its services are subscription-based, you will have to pay a defined monthly cost to have its experts becomes your chore assistants. And this payment depends on the number of chores selected and how frequent you will need them per month.

The cost for its meal delivery for instance starts at a price of less than ₦ 16, 000 if you need just a single delivery every week.

If you need its house cleaning services, that will cost you less than ₦ 13, 000 for its standard plan to get the experts to take care of the dirt and dust at home two times on a monthly basis.

The laundry plan also has varying prices depending on the number of times you need your items laundered but at ₦ 29, 000, you can get a wash and fold service for 30 items and this is usually done once per month.


  • Free you some time to focus on other projects
  • Convenience booking through its mobile app
  • Choose from its different plans and live healthier
  • Vetted professionals handle your chores


  • Not ideal if you want a one-off chore treatment
  • The monthly subscription pricing might not be convenient
  • It might not be the best when you need meals not possible via the Eden Life app

Eden Life Meal


The Eden Life meal plan subscription connects you to a chef that will take care of your cooking and the food will be delivered to you at a meal time convenient for you.

It is not like the known restaurant aggregating platforms that allow you to order your dishes from a nearby food house, rather it has vetted cooks who handle your dishes.

This makes it a good solution as it allows you to suggest how you want your meal prepared and the convenient time you need it delivered.

Eden Life meal service comes with a calorie calculator, this gives you an idea of how many calories the food of interest contains making it ideal for anyone who is keeping a watch on weight gain.


Eden Life Meal Pricing

The table below shows the monthly pricing for Eden Life meal plans

₦ 15, 800
₦ 45, 600
₦ 91, 200
₦ 152, 000

Eden Life Laundry


Eden Life also provides a mobile laundry service allowing you to dress fit and live clean with no stress.

Its laundry service comes in different pricing depending on the type you need from its wash and fold or wash and iron.

The wash and fold service is convenient if you have some time to handle the ironing once your clothes are delivered by an Eden Life driver but if that is also something you considered stressful, you can opt for its wash and iron and your items will be back washed, ironed and folded in your laundry bag.

These different options are priced based on the number of times you will need your laundry handled. It includes that once a month, twice per month or four times monthly.


Eden Life Laundry Pricing

The table below shows the price to get the Eden Life laundry subscription:

Laundry Per Month
Wash & Fold
Wash & Iron
₦ 116, 000
₦ 148, 000
₦ 58, 000
₦ 74, 000
₦ 29, 000
₦ 37, 000

Eden Life House Cleaning


Keeping the home neat is another stressful chore to do every day, whether it is sweeping the floor, handling the mopping stick or wiping the cobwebs and others.

With access to an Eden Life subscription, you will get professional cleaners down to your location who will handle the duty of keeping your house neat and pleasing, showing you the fun side of doing this part of your home chores.

It has different types of house cleaning with varying subscription costs but similar to that meal delivery and laundry, you decide how many times you want this house cleaning on a monthly basis.

The subscription types include the standard plan that handles the basic to mid-level home cleaning that involves sweeping, mopping the floor, dusting, wiping surfaces, washing your plates and other dishes, arranging the home furniture, dressing your beds, arranging and keeping your clothes folded, disinfecting, washing toilet and urinals, and emptying the trash cans.

If you will need all in the standard plan together with cleaning that includes taking care of the cabinets, cupboards, thorough gas cooker cleaning, refrigerators and your other home appliances, the deep cleaning plan is for you which will ensure everything in your home gets taken care of.

There is another plan for handling construction site cleaning, this kind of house cleaning is targeted at newly built houses and renovated buildings where there are a lot of cement and paint stains.


Eden Life Laundry Pricing

The table below shows the price to get the Eden Life house cleaning subscription:

Service Per Month
Post Construction
₦ 24, 000
₦ 96, 000
₦ 120, 000
₦ 12, 000
₦ 48, 000
₦ 60, 000
₦ 6, 000
₦ 24, 000
₦ 30, 000

How Eden Life Works


Eden Life services are offered through its mobile application available for iOS and Android devices.

Before you can start accessing its professionals, you will need to download,  create an account and subscribe to at least one of its services.

Depending on the service type selected, the cost you will have to take care of differs depending on the number of times you need the chore handled.

Once you have decided on the plan and the number of times, you will be given a price based on your selection and you must pay before you can start enjoying the expertise of professional chore handlers.

Eden Life FAQs

What is Eden Life?

Eden Life is a super-platform for your chore needs. It allows you to outsource necessary home tasks like cooking, laundry and house cleaning to vetted professionals.

Can I Subscribe to Multiple Services?

Eden Life supports subscribing to all its services. So, it is possible for you to get laundry, meal delivery and house cleaning services together.

Can I trust the Cleaners?

According to Eden Life, the people that will be sent to handle your house cleaning are vetted hence, they have satisfied some level of checks to be considered worthy to be a part of Eden Life.

Nevertheless, Eden Life promises to replace any lost item in the event this comes up.

What Happens if one of the Cleaners Damages my Property?

This kind of issue is treated in a similar way to that of a lost item. The company promised to replace the item if it is damaged by one of its cleaners.

Can I Change when I need the Service Rendered?

The Eden Life app allows for this and with access to a gardener once you subscribe to any of its plans, you can instruct the gardener on your need including the best time for service delivery through the chat feature on the app.

Can I Subscribe to Multiple Services?

Eden Life supports subscribing to all its services. So, it is possible for you to get laundry, meal delivery and house cleaning services together.

What is the Delivery Time for Laundry Service?

Eden Life’s laundry takes 48 hours hence, you will get your laundry bag back to your address within two days.

If you will need some of the clothes possibly for an event the next day, you can discuss that with your gardener or speak to Eden Life’s customer support channel directly.

What State is Eden Life Service Available?

In the meantime, its service delivery coverage is within Lagos.

Do Eden Life has a Package for Corporate Needs?

If you need any of Eden Life’s services for a company, this is possible.

You can make your request directly to its customer service channel and you will be guided on how to achieve this.



Not so fun to handle the chores every time, Eden Life is in there to take care of things for those needed no-stress days through its vetted experts who are poised to make you experience the fun side of living a healthy lifestyle.

With a good soup prepared by one of its chefs and delivered, you can preserve that in a very good freezer and enjoy that for days until your next meal delivery.

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