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How to Buy MTN Shares with no Stress

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MTN Share is one of the best Nigerian stocks to own considering its performance over the years.

Buying shares is one of the good ways to diversify your investments these days, be it within the local or foreign exchange market.

It is true that there are risks involved when buying shares but owning MTN share which is one of the largest companies in Nigeria in terms of market capitalization (value) and being profitable in the last years, no doubt there are some nerves calming owning some equities in this company.

While the Nigerian Exchange Group can be a bit complicated for beginners to understand when it comes to investing in Nigerian companies, digital platforms have made participating in NGX very simple and now, you can buy MTN shares and that of other companies without having to go through rigorous processes or going to get your CSCS and CHN Number as these will be handled by the digital platforms that will act as your broker.






How to Buy MTN Shares in Nigeria

Below are the best apps you can use to buy MTN shares in Nigeria:

  • Chaka
  • Bamboo
  • Trove
  • I-Invest


Chaka Logo




Chaka is a popular name when it comes to buying MTN shares and of the other companies listed on the Nigerian Exchange Group.

This platform is one of the first few to start offering stock trading digitally in Nigeria and prides itself as the first to have the Securities and Exchanges Commission’s Fintech License to participate in the Nigerian stock market.

Interestingly, you can also participate in other markets using Chaka, including the New York Stock Exchange, and own shares of companies in Australia, China and so many other countries hence allowing you to be an international investor while living in Nigeria.

Chaka’s investment feature covers over 4,000 assets you can choose from and since it is denominated in USD, it comes with insurance protection of up to $500,000 by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, a non-profit that gives you some protection not to lose all of your funds, especially that denominated in US dollars if the company fails.

The platform is accessible via a mobile app you can download for Android and iOS devices. Alternatively, its web portal also allows you to invest and track your portfolio’s performance.

To get started investing in MTN shares and that of local companies, it requires you have to fund a minimum of ₦1,000 to get started.



₦1, 000

Rating is another digital investment platform that you can use to buy MTN shares in Nigeria.

Akin to other platforms on this list, this application allows you to track and monitor your investment progress in real-time and with its gifting feature, you can bring more of your friends in to become co-investors. 

To make it simple for beginners to understand its platform, it provides guides on different investment products which you can go through to get a grasp of before committing your money. also has a saving feature to help you earn some interest on your funds. You can utilize the “savings feature” with as little as ₦1, 000, you can start saving which can earn you an interest of up to 7% per year. 

Apart buying MTN shares and that of other local companies, you can also invest in Bonds with a minimum of ₦100, 000  which you can decide to sell it anytime you wish. 

To get started with using this platform to buy MTN shares and other investment products, you can visit its web portal to create a profile or download any of its mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices.


bamboo 1 mtn share




Bamboo is another interesting platform you can use to buy MTN shares in Nigeria.

It works with a partner that is registered and monitored by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Nigeria, giving some level of funds security. 

It is a very well-known investment gateway with over 3000 stocks, especially from that of the US stock market and Nigerian Exchange Limited listed companies.

Apart from getting equities in MTN and that of other companies, other products you can put your in include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Fixed Returns for dollar-denominated savings 

When it comes to withdrawing funds from your Bamboo account, it is good to know that if you fund your wallet from the naira payment option, you can only withdraw to a naira account, while dollar withdrawal is possible if the funds came in through USD. 

Through its app, both on the web and mobile, you can manage and track the performance of your stocks.






This is one of the digital investment apps in Nigeria that you can use to buy MTN shares.

Trove requires you to deposit a minimum of ₦1, 000  to start buying the shares of MTN and other Nigerian stocks while $10 is required for foreign stock investments. The platform has over 4, 000 stocks in which you can invest and earn interest.

As part of KYC which is common to all investment platforms, you will be required to provide information such as your BVN, a government-issued ID, and a utility bill to create an account on Trove. These details are important to validate your identity and prevent cases of identity theft or any other cyber crimes in order to ensure the safety of your funds.

To give an idea of what is happening in any of the markets available on the platform, Trove has a feature that shows you the trending stocks through its trending stocks chart. It also provides decision support indicators to assist you in finding an outstanding stock to invest in based on your profile.

Based on analysts’ opinions, the company’s past accomplishments, and a predicted company trend are also available to give you an idea of how a company has performed over time in the stock market.

To get started, you can either visit its website to create an account or download its mobile app and sign up through any available for both Android and iOS devices.






I-invest is another online stock trading platform that allows you to participate in the Nigerian stock market and buy shares of MTN and other local companies.

With arrays of products that include treasury bills, fixed deposits, savings and equities, there is no doubt you will be able to maintain a diversified portfolio using this platform.

This platform also provides multi-channel of access through a web portal and its mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Akin to others, a thorough but implied KYC profiling is required before you can start investing in MTN shares and that of other companies through I-Invest.

When it comes to funding your I-invest account to start buying investment products, you can transfer funds directly through a provided bank account number. Alternatively, you can walk into any bank and request an Ebills payment, put in your I-invest ID, and make payments which will reflect on your I-Invest balance.

Once your account is successfully funded, you can easily purchase equities or any other investment product you wish to invest in. Simply go to your dashboard, select from the list of available investment products, put in the amount you want to purchase and confirm the transaction.

How do you make money from MTN Shares

When it comes to profit, MTN Nigeria is one of the companies listed on the Nigerian stock exchange with a long history of yearly profit returns which is a good sign that when you have MTN shares in your portfolio, you are in a good company.

In terms of profiting from equities, there are two primary ways from which you can make money owning MTN shares which include:



At the end of a business period, the company earn profits and distributes that to its shareholders,  usually based on the decision of its board of directors. This is termed dividends.

The amount of money you earn as dividends depends on the number of MTN shares you own and how much per share is declared for payout during a period.

To understand it better, imagine you own 1,000 shares of MTN and at the end of the first quarter of the year the company declared a dividend of ₦5 per share. It means that your earning for the period is ₦5 * 1000 which will earn you ₦5,000 (excluding tax).

Your dividend earnings can be paid to your bank account provided at the time of registering with your broker or in the case of one of the apps above, alternatively this can be mailed as a cheque.


Capital Gains

The second way you can also make money from MTN shares is through what is called capital gains.

This involves selling your shares above the value you bought them on the exchange. For instance, 50 shares bought some months ago at the rate of ₦ 170 per share cost a total of 50 * ₦ 170 which is ₦ 8, 500.

If after keeping these shares for 8 months and the value rises to ₦ 200 per share, it means the worth of your 50 shares will be 50  * ₦ 200 which is ₦ 10, 000 giving you a net profit of ₦ 2, 000.

If you sell your 50 shares at this rate, you will earn capital gains after trading.

Though MTN has a record of profit declaration which lures in more investors, capital gains might not happen at all times, especially with profit-fluctuating stocks.

Many factors determine share prices but the major is which has to do with the law of supply and demand that involves the number of people wanting to buy MTN shares and the number of investors willing to sell.

If the number of buyers is more than the number of sellers, the price goes up but if the number of sellers is more than the number of buyers, the price comes down hence, you can as well lose when it comes to dealing with stock trading.

You might be wondering if people are actually actively participating in the buying of shares, there are hundreds to thousands of professional traders also called market makers that keep the stock market busy.

Why you should consider MTN Shares

Is buying MTN shares really worth it? Let us look at the reasons you might want to own a share in the company.

Known for Profit

When in a business, the number one goal is to make a profit and when it comes to making a profit, you need to go after what can actually bring in that profit.

Though akin to every publicly traded company, MTN is also susceptible to losses but when it comes to yielding profits for investors, it is one of the stocks in the Nigerian stock exchange that has a history of paying dividends and its stock when maintained over a long period of time can also earn you good capital gains.

Big Brand Presence

The Nigerian telecommunication industry has a big rivalry between the players but no one has been able to beat MTN’s presence in the market yet.

With its big brand presence, it gives you some confidence when it comes to security and the assurance that the brand has the capacity to outperform other players which in turn has some effects on your kept MTN shares.

Always Innovating

An innovative company is one that wants to stay relevant and brings in more customers, especially from its competitors.

Though a started as a telecommunication company, the company has expanded into other sectors including getting a payment bank licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria to roll out financial products to its customers.

Through its network of MoMo Agents, many are directly and indirectly relating to the brand and as more people relate with it through its different innovative initiatives, the value of the company increases which also means the value of your shares.

Diversified Income

Another good reason you will want to own MTN shares is to maintain a portfolio of different income streams.

Today, there are many investment apps in Nigeria that you can use to create diversified income streams, including dollar savings and giving out loans. Having that which allows you to add MTN shares means that you will have different sources when it comes to generating income for yourself.

  Be Part of the Company

When you own shares of MTN, you are a part owner of the company with some rights when it comes to making decisions for the company.

Since you own shares of the company, you will always want the company to succeed hence, a success for it is a success for you as its failures mean your own failures.

The company understand the role of a shareholder and as its shares owner, you have the right alongside other shareholders to decide who should be appointed as the director, decide directors’ salaries, review financial statements as well as recommend changes to the company’s policies.

MTN Shares FAQs

Is it risky to buy MTN Shares?

Stock investing comes with market fluctuations due to many factors.

Just like every stock, MTN shares have its risk as you can either lose or earn depending on the value at which you bought it and the value at which you can sell it.

While factors such as liquidation cannot be tied to a brand like MTN, it is worth noting that your MTN shares might not generate income at the time at which you want to sell but holding stock such as that of MTN for a long-term could be beneficial for you despite the fluctuations that come with investing in the stock market. 

Which company is the Registrar of MTN shares?

MTN shares registrar is Coronation Registrars Limited which maintains the data of all its shareholders and the number of shares allotted to each.

How do I sell my MTN Shares?

Selling your MTN shares is similar to how you bought them.

If you bought your shares through any of the listed apps above, selling them is seamless as you can easily trade them for wallet credit which can be transferred to your bank account.

Nevertheless, you can always contact Coronation Registrars Limited if you bought it directly through a broker. You might need to have your CSCS and CHN numbers when sending your request for faster resolution.

Is MTN shares profitable?

In the last few years, MTN has been a profitable company with continuous innovations.

Considering it pays dividends to investors and its stock price has risen significantly when compared to previous years, you might be having yourself a profitable stock when buying MTN shares.

When you list the best-performing shares in the Nigerian stock exchange in the last few years, you will understand that having some MTN shares in your portfolio puts you in a good company.

And with digitech platforms making it easy to participate in stock trading, you can start investing without the conventional stress of too many documents before you can own MTN shares.

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How to buy mtn share

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How to get good investment

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Investing in stock could be more profitable when you invest for a long time.

To know which is a good stock to invest, you can use the history chart to study the profile of a stock you want to buy and see its trend whether positive or negative.

Nevertheless, stock is a volatile investment and you should invest a small percentage of your funds in it as earning cannot be guaranteed.