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Best Investment Apps to grow your Wealth

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Investment platforms afford you an easy-to-access window to invest in different assets geared towards growing your wealth.

Individuals are usually very particular about easiness and flexibility when it comes to anything that has to do with investing, savings, trading, and other financial transactions.

Investment apps have proven to make it easier to access services like stock trading, saving your naira in dollars, to other assets that include treasury bills, bonds, commercial papers to many others.

Best Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Below are the digital investment apps in Nigeria you can save your funds to earn interest:




₦5, 000


Piggyvest is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria that allows users to invest in low or medium risks products.

They offer several investment opportunities ranging from agriculture, transportation, fixed-income instruments, and more.

With as little as ₦5, 000, you can get a suitable investment product to begin your investment journey. You can also earn up to 15% per year.

Interests on your investment can be paid monthly, quarterly, or per annum depending on the conditions rested within the investment.

Another feature available on Piggyvest is the “Savings”. If you are not interested in investing, you can also decide to save with as little as ₦100 and earn interest up to 13% on your savings.

You can opt into the fixed income savings where you put funds into an account for a fixed period of time and earn up to 13% interest per year.

There is also automated savings where you earn up to 10% interest per annum. There are goal-oriented savings and a Flex Naira where you earn up to 9% and 8% interest per annum.

You can withdraw from your savings when it reaches maturity. However, any withdrawals made before your free period attract a penalty fee of 2.5% on the interest.

You can download and install the Piggyvest investment app on your PlayStore or AppStore for Androids and iPhones respectively. 






Chaka is another good and safe investment app that offers several investment products to users.

You can invest in both Nigerian as well as US stocks on Chaka. It offers access to invest in bonds, stocks, and other assets in Nigeria, the US, China, and more.

This investment solution has over 4,000 assets users can choose from and the dollar accounts are covered in insurance protection of up to $500,000 by the SIPC.

You can track your progress and the returns on investments on the Chaka investment app. With as little as $10, Chaka users can start their investment journey and meet their financial goals and objectives. 

Getting started requires you to create an account on its website or you can simply handle that through its mobile app available for Android and iOS devices.



₦1, 000

Rating is another digital investment platform that allows you to invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Treasury Bills, and Real Estate.

The Wealth Ng investment application allows you to track and monitor your investment progress in real-time and it will enable you to send gifts to your loved ones. 

The platform also provides adequate guidance and financial and investment advice from its seasonal wealth managers. Wealth Ng uses a high-grade security level to ensure that investors’ information and funds are safe and protected from cyber crimes. 

You can also decide to utilize the “savings feature” with as little as ₦1, 000, you can start saving and earn up to 7% interest per year. 

To start investing in Bonds, a minimum of ₦100, 000 is required and you can decide to sell it anytime you wish. 

You can visit its website to get started with investing through this provider. It also has mobile applications to give easy access on the go.


bamboo 1 investment platform




With how popular it has become, this list will be incomplete without mentioning Bamboo.

It has become a popular choice amongst users and with a good rating across platforms where its apps are, it is one of the best online investment platforms in Nigeria that enables users to have access to over 3000 stocks. 

You can deposit into your Bamboo Naira or Dollar wallet a minimum of $20 to start your investment journey.

It is important to note that if you fund your wallet from the Naira payment option, you can only withdraw to a Naira account, however, for dollar payment options, you can only withdraw into a Dollar account. 

The Bamboo app allows you to monitor your investment returns as well as monitor your portfolio performance. All the accounts on Bamboo are insured by FDIC for up to $500,000. 

Bamboo is also a multi-access provider through its website as well the mobile applications.






Cowrywise is a legit and safe online investment platform in Nigeria. It offers you opportunities to invest in both Naira and Dollar mutual funds. You can earn interest or capital gains on your investment. Interests are the percentage that accrues on your investments/savings while capital gains refer to selling your investment for more than you bought. 

The minimum amount to invest in Cowrywise is ₦1, 000. You can withdraw your funds as soon as it matures and the interest earned is paid or calculated on a yearly basis. 

The funds on Cowrywise are held by Meristem Trustees (which is registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission). 

You can visit its website to get started or simply download its mobile app to begin your investment journey.






This is another digital investment app in Nigeria that enables users to invest in Nigerian, US, and Chinese stocks, bonds, and other securities.

The minimum amount to deposit in Trove to begin your investment journey can be as little as $10. Trove has over 4000 stocks in which you can invest and earn interest.

However, you will be required to upload your BVN, a government-issued ID, and a utility bill to create an account on Trove. Your BVN is needed to double-check your identity and prevent cases of identity theft or any other cyber crimes that might affect your account and funds.

With this investment platform, you have the option to select whether you want to invest in naira or dollars. There is a Naira wallet on your app where you can purchase and invest in Nigerian stocks.

There is also a dollar wallet that allows you to do the same when you want to deal in foreign stocks or securities.

Trove helps to guide investors by showing you the trending stocks via its trending stocks chart. They also provide decision support indicators to assist you in finding an outstanding stock to invest in based on your profile.

Based on analysts’ opinions, the company’s past accomplishments, and a predicted company trend are also available to users.

To start using Trove, you will need to either visit its website or simply register and invest through its mobile apps.






I-invest is another online investment platform that allows you to invest in investment products like treasury bills, equities, euro bonds, fixed deposits, and commercial papers.

There are so many investment opportunities on I-invest, this allows investors to have an array of products to choose from.

After you download I-invest, all you have to do is install it and create your account by uploading the necessary documents required, and with a minimum of ₦5,000, you can select from the vast investment products available.

You are also expected to submit/upload your KYC documents before you can purchase equity on the platform. All these are for your benefit so, ensure that your identity is well-verified and prevents cyber attacks on your account.

You can decide to transfer funds directly to your I-invest account via a provided bank account number or you can also walk into any bank and request an Ebills payment, put in your I-invest ID, and make payments into your I-invest account.

After you fund the account, you can easily purchase equity or any other investment plan you wish to invest in. Go to your dashboard, select from the list of available investment products, put in the amount you want to purchase, and confirm the transaction.

Like most investment apps in Nigeria, this platform also has multi-channel access via its app and website.






HerVest is one of the best digital investment platforms in Nigeria that includes women who are interested in attaining financial growth and freedom.

The platform uses “Gender Lens” investment strategies that allow women to be included in investment opportunities to help them grow financially.

This investment app was created to include women who have been for so long excluded and lacked access to finances, and financial tools (instruments) as well as to educate them more on financial literacy.

HerVest also allows users to invest in female farmers, earn returns, attain specific financial goals and objectives as well as provide financial knowledge, tools, and resources to women that they might ordinarily not have access to.

You can earn up to 15% interest on agricultural-based investments per year and up to 10% on savings per year.

The interest is calculated on a daily basis and you can monitor and track it on your dashboard. The services offered by HerVest are savings, credit for small-scale female farmers, financial education to inspire women, transferring cash, and more.

Its investment features are offered via its mobile application interfaces hence, you will need to install it on any iOS or Android-based smartphone to get started.







Fint is an online investment platform where credit-worthy borrowers are connected with lenders. This is a virtual marketplace that focuses on P2P lending. In simple terms, credit-worthy borrowers who are looking to borrow money have access to loans on this app while lenders can borrow them and get their money back with interest.

You can register on the Fint platform online and provide the necessary requirements and information to complete the registration process.

This investment platform is secured and insured by Old Mutual Insurance in the case of any unforeseen circumstances and as such, it makes it easier for anybody to invest in this market.

With as little as #20,000, you can lend out funds to borrowers and earn great returns on Fint. You can also extend your portfolio to include fixed deposits, bonds, stocks, and savings accounts when your returns are remitted to you. The interest rates range between 26%-39% yearly.

It is also important to know that your investment interests are paid into your account every month and a 1.5% operational fee is deducted from it monthly.







This is an online investment platform that specializes in sharing private debt capital with SMEs as well as other individuals. Microvest is an asset manager that offers credit and investment services to individuals and SMEs in growing markets. Microvest enables you to have a flexible financial plan that helps you to save and invest funds to help the growth of your businesses.

You can download this investment app on your PlayStore or AppStore depending on whether you use an Android or iOS device. Install and register by providing the necessary documents and information required such as your BVN, name, Password, government-issued ID card, etc.

Microvest has Four major investment/savings plans from which clients can choose from.

MiSafe: This allows you to save and earn a 10.5% interest rate per annum. MiSafe plan allows you to withdraw a maximum of three times a year.

MiTarget: This plan allows clients to save funds in a locked wallet. This means you can only access your funds after the set maturity date has been reached. You can earn up to 12% interest rate annually. If for any reason you withdraw before the set date of maturity, you will be charged a 3% penalty fee.

MiLock: This is also an investment plan on Microvest where clients have no access to their funds until the set maturity date.

MiHalal: This is another investment that is completely free from interest. What you save is exactly what you get.

Microvest is safe and secure because it uses high-grade security to ensure the safety of your funds.







This is an application that allows you to send and receive money across Africa. Chippercash allows you to also invest in cryptocurrency as well as in stocks and with its rating, you cannot have a list of the best investment platforms in Nigeria without it.

You can download Chippercash on your mobile device, install and register to get access to various investment plans on the platform.

On Chipper, you can purchase shares from foreign companies such as Facebook, Apple, etc., and get attractive interest rates annually. In addition to the purchase of shares, you can also trade in bitcoins on the Chippercash platform.







This is another investment platform that pulls people’s money together and invests it in high returns investment products.

You can easily get the app by downloading it on your phone, installing and registering on the platform or you can as well register directly from the Overwood website which is Provide your BVN, and personal details and upload the required documents.

Overwood offers 3 investment products to its clients:

Overwood Prime- This is for clients who are interested in saving for a long period but also want to protect their funds from market fluctuations. The minimum amount to deposit in Overwood Prime is 5,000 and you can earn up to 12% interest rates annually.

Overwood Dollar: This is for clients who want to protect their investment from the risk of currency devaluation associated with the Naira currency. The minimum amount to deposit in this plan is $200 (with a minimum top-up of $100 anytime you want to top up). The interest rates are between the ranges of 3%-6% compounded daily.

Overwood Child: This investment plan is specifically designed for kids. (Clients with kids) who are interested in saving funds for their kid’s future for their education, health, vacations, etc. The minimum amount to deposit here is 5,000 and it attracts up to 12.25 interest rates compounded daily.

Overwood takes the security of funds and clients’ accounts very seriously so your money is in safe hands.







Accrue is a remittance provider that doubles as an investment platform that uses the dollar-cost average technique to invest funds. Accrue invests a certain amount of dollars in an asset for a period of time, then uses the dollar-cost average strategy to spread risks and reduce the effects of price fluctuations on your investment.

You can get the app by downloading it on your Android or iOS devices, installing and providing the necessary details to complete registration.

Accrue has several features that allow you to perform several financial functions on the app. You can save/invest with as little as $1, transfer USDT, BTC, etc., use the Flexi-plan on the app to buy lump sum amounts, and gift your loved ones on the app. These include having access to several assets to invest in such as stocks, bonds, cryptos, etc.

You can decide to save daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly on the app.







This online investment platform helps individuals to make easy investment decisions and offers good guidelines on several investment products. Ziing offers an all-around financial shop to cater to all your financial needs. You can save, invest, pay bills and also trade on the Ziing app.

Ziing offers investment products such as the;

ZClub: This is a savings club in the Ziing platform where different individuals with common goals come together, pull their funds together, and save them for a specific period of time.

ZSave: This feature is designed like the usual saving account. Clients can save with as little as 100 Naira and earn up to 4% interest rates annually.

Zplan: This allows clients to have a locked and unlocked savings plan on Ziing. You can save for a minimum of 30 days and if you withdraw before the set maturity date, you will be charged a 25% penalty fee on your interest accrued. The minimum amount to deposit in this plan is 100 Naira.

Fixed income: This is a fixed income deposit investment plan where clients can invest funds not less than 100,000 Naira. The minimum time frame to save in this plan is one month else a 25% penalty fee is charged on your interest accrued.







Cliqbox is another interesting investment platform in Nigeria that uses social networking approach to connect people of common interest to save towards achieving their goals.

It could be used to plan events together, vacations and some other needs. Group saving allows you to stay dedicated to your saving goals as you watch your peers also save with no default.

It comes with different savings plans including turn, flex and target and each comes with different perks like earning up to 12% per annum as interest with the flex plan.







This is an investment platform that allows you access to several investment and savings opportunities. FundBae uses high-level security to ensure that your fund and account are protected and safe from cyber crimes.

FundBae has several investment products such as;

Flexbae: This allows clients to invest and earn interest on their investment regardless of the amount or time frame they wish to invest. Your investment in this plan can yield up to 12% interest rates per annum.

Save2B: In this plan, you have to choose a time frame for saving. You can decide to save daily, weekly, or monthly and earn up to 8% interest rates annually.

Vault lite and Vault plus: Vault lite allows you to save for a short-term financial objective and earn up to 10% interest rates annually on your savings. However, if you were to opt-in for Vault Plus, this means you are interested in saving for a longer period. It is like a fixed savings plan which is locked for a minimum of 30 days. The interest earned in a vault plus plan is dependent on the amount and the time frame. The minimum amount to deposit in a vault lite and plus is 100 and 1000 Naira respectively.

Thriftbae: This is also another savings plan on Fundbae where a user invites friends to come together, pull funds together and save towards a goal.

Trybe savings: In this plan, a group of people comes together to save towards specific financial goals and objectives. There is an admin who decides how many people will be on the plan and users can earn up to 10% interest rates per annum.







This is another online investment platform for every type of investor regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert in the investment World.

GetEquity makes it easy to invest in startups and also get funds for your start-up enterprises and connects you with investors who can buy/sell assets via tokens.

It is however important to note that the time it takes to start earning returns on your investment is dependent on the type of investment products you purchase on the platform. The minimum amount to deposit in GetEquity is $10.







This is a digital investment platform that connects farmers with investors who take interest in agriculture.

With the Farmcrowdy digital platform, farmers can fund their agricultural operations through the help of a sponsor(investors) after which the proceeds will be shared among them.

There is a profit-sharing formula to ensure the proceeds from the farm get to everyone involved. The farmer takes 40% profits, the sponsor takes 40% and the remaining 20% of profits are remitted to FarmCrowdy.

The period of a cycle is between 6-12 months and the cost of the products usually ranges from 90,000 Naira – 284,000 Naira. Investors earn from 6% -25% flat rate returns on Investment. In addition, the farm projects on this investment platform are all insured so that in the event of loss, the investor’s capital can be returned


carbon investment platform





This is also a digital investment platform in Nigeria. A one-stop shop for your financial services. Carbon allows you to send, receive, pay bills, and get loans as well as investment funds on the app.

You can download carbon on your smartphones, install and provide the necessary information to complete registration.

Carbon helps individuals to grow wealth by offering investment opportunities with a great rate of returns. With Carbon, you can earn up to 15.5% interest rates annually with no withdrawal charges.







Sparkle is a digital money application that offers several financial services. You can send money, receive funds, pay bills and you can also invest.

All you have to do is download the app from your mobile Playstore or AppStore depending on whether you use an Android or iOS device. Install the app and provide the details needed to complete your registration.

With a unique feature called the “sparkle stash” and no minimum deposit amount you can save and earn up to 3.75% interest rates annually.

You can also decide to save as a group which is called the “Esusu” where you and other sparkle users come together to save towards a goal.


Investment apps are one of the most flexible and great financial platforms available to individuals in these contemporary times.  

They make financial activities very easy and convenient to perform. Hence, creating a great atmosphere to improve financially the investors as well as savers.

With arrays of them, getting one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria should be a not-so-difficult thing for you to get started and save your money and earn interest for the future.

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