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How to Buy GTBank Shares Today

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GTBank Share is one of the Nigerian stock exchange-listed shares to own, especially for beginners considering its history.

When you talk about Nigerian brands, chances are high GTBank will be on the list of everyone when it comes to companies with high-profile histories.

This also translates to trust especially when it has to do with putting your money in stocks like that of GTBank shares since the motive is always to make profits from your invested funds.

Participating in stock trading can be confusing especially as a beginner but thanks to digital tech platforms, you can now buy GTBank shares and manage it effortlessly with no stress and with most having a knowledge base system for beginners, you will be able to understand the complexities in a short while.

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Best Ways to Buy GTBank Shares in Nigeria

Below are the best apps you can use to buy GTBank shares in Nigeria:


Chaka Logo




Chaka is one of the digital investment applications in Nigeria you can use to buy GTBank shares.

The Securities and Exchanges Commission’s Fintech License platform has an intuitive interface which makes participating in the Nigerian stock market easy for beginners.

Though it has a license that gives it the power to help you access different shares of local companies listed on the Nigerian stock exchange, you can also buy shares of foreign companies like Apple, Tesla, Meta, Alphabet and the like in the US stock exchange market, that of China to several other countries.

This platform has shares of over 4,000 assets you can choose from and for foreign-listed companies, the investment is in USD. This also comes with insurance protection of up to $500,000 by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, a non-profit that gives you protection when your stock broker fails.

To start buying GTBank shares and investing in stocks of other companies listed on the exchanges available via its platform, you will need to sign up through its mobile app available for iOS and Android-based devices.

It also has support for participating in equity buying through its web portal which you can access through your web browser.



₦1, 000

Rating is another good platform that is beginner friendly for investing in GTBank shares.

Through your dashboard using this provider, you can effortlessly monitor your stocks and see their performance trend.

If you have friends that could be interested in participating in stock trading, its gifting feature is one that gives you the leverage to easily bring them in by sending them part of your stock value as gifts.

While it is primarily known for fostering the participation of trading in the Nigerian stock market, you can also access features like savings and earn interest of up to 7% annually. And the good thing is, you do not have to put so much aside as it requires a minimum of ₦1, 000.

In addition to enabling you to buy the shares of GTBank and other companies, you can also buy bonds which starts usually from a minimum of ₦100, 000.

To get started with investing using, you will need to download its app and sign up. It also has a web interface where you can create your account and trade.


bamboo 1 gtbank share




Bamboo is another good investment interface provider that you can use to invest in the Nigerian stock market.

This provider works with a licensed stock broker that intermediates between you and the GTBank share issuing houses.

The brand is a popular provider when it comes to stock investment in Nigeria with an asset listing of over 3,000 stocks from the US and Nigerian stock exchanges.

For investment diversification, Bamboo has products that include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Fixed Returns for dollar-denominated savings.

Since you can invest using your naira or USD wallet on Bamboo, its withdrawal follows the same route as you can withdraw USDs if you funded through USD likewise, naira withdrawal is possible if you funded with a naira payment option.

Signing up and buying the shares of GTBank can be done through the Bamboo app and its website.






With Trove, you have another platform you can sign up with to start buying GTBank shares in Nigeria.

Similarly to Chaka, it has over 4,000 stocks from different stock exchanges you can invest in. And the minimum amount required for Nigerian stock is ₦1,000 while that of foreign stocks starts at $10.

Before you will be allowed to start buying GTBank shares on Trove, you will be required to provide information such as your bank verification number, a valid government-issued ID, and a utility bill. This information is important to validate your identity and create an investment profile for you.

As a beginner-friendly platform, Trove has a feature that allows you to keep tabs on trending stocks through its trending stocks chart. It also has decision-support indicators which will aid you in finding stocks to invest in based on your profile.

Based on analysts’ opinions, the stock’s past accomplishments, and a predicted performance trend are also available to give you an idea of how a company has performed over time in the stock market.

Trove is also accessible via your web browser or simply download the app which is available for both iOS and Android devices.






I-invest is another good online stock trading platform that allows you to buy GTBank shares and that of other local companies listed on the Nigerian stock market.

The platform has a list of products that include treasury bills, fixed deposits, savings and equities, there is no doubt you will be able to maintain a diversified portfolio using I-invest.

Similar to many of the digital platforms you can use to buy shares in Nigeria, it has varying channels that include web browsers and mobile apps you can use to manage your portfolio of investment products.

Akin to others, a thorough but simplified KYC profiling is required before you can start investing in GTBank shares and that of other companies using this provider.

It provides different means through which you can fund your account for investment, you can transfer funds directly through a provided bank account number. Alternatively, you can walk into any bank and request an Ebills payment, put in your I-invest ID, and make payments which will reflect on your I-Invest balance.

Once you have successfully funded your I-invest wallet, you can then start purchasing equities or any other investment product you wish to invest in. Simply go to your dashboard, select from the list of available investment products, put in the amount you want to purchase and confirm the transaction.

How do you make money from GTBank Shares

Investing in the stock market has the primary goal of making a profit hence, buying GTBank shares is geared towards that objective.

And when it comes to making an income from your portfolio of GTBank shares, there are two ways in which your stock can generate income for you which includes:



At the end of a business cycle, the company may earn profits and distributes that to its shareholders,  usually based on the decision of its board of directors. This is termed dividends.

The amount of dividends that will be paid to you depends on the number of GTBank shares you own and how much per share is declared for payout during a period.

To add more clarity to the dividend declaration concept, imagine you own 2,000 shares of GTBank and at the end of the first quarter of the year, the company declared a dividend of ₦2 per share. It means that your earning for the period is ₦2 * 2000 which will earn you ₦4,000. Though the value will not be exact after tax deductions.

The dividends you earned can be paid to your bank account provided at the time of onboarding with your broker or in the case of one of the apps above, your wallet. Dividend payment can also be mailed as a cheque.


Capital Gains

Capital gain is the second way you can make money investing in GTBank shares.

This practice involves the selling of part or all of your shares to make money off it. For instance, 100 GTBank shares bought some months ago at the rate of ₦ 100 per share cost a total of 100 * ₦ 100 which is ₦ 10, 000.

If after keeping these shares for 8 months and the value rises to ₦ 150 per share, it means the worth of your 100 GTBank shares will be 100  * ₦ 150 which is ₦ 15, 000 giving you a net profit of ₦ 5, 000.

If you trade all your 100 shares at this rate, you will earn capital gains after trading.

While capital gain seems an interesting topic when it has to do with investing in shares, it is worth knowing that you can also lose money if the value of the shares falls below your purchased value as the stock market is prone to fluctuations.

One of the heavy determinants of price fluctuations in the stock market is the law of supply and demand which involves the relationship between the number of people wanting to sell to that of people wanting to buy.

If the number of buyers is more than the number of sellers, the price goes up likewise if the number of sellers is more than the number of buyers, the price comes down hence, you can as well lose when it comes to participating in stock trading.

The stock market is always busy, thanks to professional traders who are known as market makers. Anytime you want to sell your GTBank shares, they are buyers waiting to help you trade them off.

Why you should consider GTBank Shares

Deciding which brand to invest in and looking at different factors is an attribute of an investor and understanding the whys before investing in GTBank shares could be helpful when it comes to the safety of your funds.

So, why should one consider buying of GTBank shares?

Good Performance Year End

Investing in GTBank shares is no doubt towards creating an income stream and you will not do so with no assurance of a good return. 

When you go back to history to review its financial performance over the years, the bank has been delivering in terms of profit which means good for your shares.

A Known Brand

When you talk of the big banks, there is no doubt GTBank will fall on that list. With a customer base of over 28 million, you are in a great company when having some shares of GTBank.

Information Sharing with Shareholders

As an owner of GTBank shares, the company understands you are a part of the company hence, it is relevant to keep you in the know regarding the dealings of the bank.

Through its investor relation section, you can visit to get the full idea regarding how it is performing over a business period and other shareholder-related news to be abreast of the happenings regarding the company you invested in.

Always Innovating

When a company do not innovate, it could quickly lose its relevance due to heavy competition.

And it is fierce when it comes to competition in the Nigerian banking sector and for that, continuous innovation is necessary to continue to retain your customers and acquire new ones which will proportionally have an effect on your income.

GTBank has over the years deployed innovative solutions to ensure its brand relevance and the growth of its business overall.

Diversified Income

Getting yourself some GTBank shares could also create diversified streams of income for you.

With many ways through which you can make money, keeping diversified channels ensures you earn from different ways and reduce the risk of loss attributed to putting your funds in a single source.

  Be Part of the Company

Maintaining a portfolio of GTBank shares means that you are a part of the company.

As a part owner of the company, you will always want the bank to succeed hence, a success for it is a success for you as its failures mean your own failures.

The brand you invested in understands that its shareholders are an important part of its history,  and as its shares owner, you have the right alongside other shareholders to decide who should be appointed to the company’s board of directors, make salary-related decisions, review financial statements as well as recommend changes to the company’s policies.

GTBank Shares FAQs

Is it risky to buy GTBank Shares?

Investing in the stock market comes with market fluctuations due to many factors.

Just like every stock, GTBank shares have its risk as you can either lose or earn depending on the value at which you bought it and the value at which you can sell it.

While things such as the company shutting down may not be tied to a brand like GTBank in the next few years, it is worth noting that your GTBank shares might not generate income at the time at which you want to sell but holding stock of such for a long-term could be beneficial for you despite the fluctuations that come with investing in the stock market. 

Which company is the Registrar of GTBank shares?

GTBank shares registrar is DataMax Registrars Limited which maintains the data of all its shareholders and the number of shares allotted to each.

How do I sell my GTBank Shares?

If you want to sell your GTBank shares, it is similar to how you bought them only this time, you are trading them off.

If you bought your shares through any of the digital investment apps above, selling them is seamless as you can easily trade them for wallet credit which can be transferred to your bank account.

Nevertheless, you can always contact DataMax Registrars Limited if you bought it directly through a broker. You might need to have your CSCS and CHN numbers when sending your request for faster resolution.

Is GTBank shares profitable?

In the last few years, GTBank has been a profitable company and of its many innovations, it is clear the long-term goal is to become more profitable.

The bank pays dividends to investors and its stock price has risen significantly when compared to previous years, you might be having yourself a profitable stock when buying GTBank shares.

Investing in shares is a good way to set some funds aside that generate income without you doing much than monitoring its growth.

With investment geared towards profit, there is no doubt you will be interested in buying GTBank shares and that of other companies that are of a high tendency to bring in income.

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