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Obtain up to ₦5m Access Bank SME loan for your business without collateral with a flexible repayment model in 6 – 24 months tenor.

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250k – 5m



Monthly Interest

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About Access Bank Business Loan for SME

Access Bank business loan provides loan facility to small and medium scale businesses with funds required for operations,
Here is the summary information covering your access to the credit.



You can apply for funds starting from ₦250, 000 to a maximum of ₦5, 000, 000.


Interest Rate

The interest rate on credit you will pay monthly is 3%.



Access Bank business loan has a maximum tenor of 24 months but this depends on the type of capital requested.

Access Bank Business Loan for SME Terms

Here are broader terms you need to understand depending on the type of your business before applying for this loan

Eligible accounts must have been in existence and active for at least 6 months with Access Bank.

The loan is limited to businesses operating under one of the following categories:

• Traders
• Distributors and Dealers
• Hospitality
• Importers Exporters
• Travel Agency
• Legal Firms
• Accounting Firms
• Entertainment
• Healthcare Sector
• IT Services
• Manufacturing
• Agriculture
• Professional Firms & Associations
• Non-governmental Organisations
• Supermarkets
• Clearing Agents
• Quick Service Restaurants

The minimum facility is ₦250, 000, the maximum amount you can access is a pre-determined percentage of your annual revenue but not exceeding ₦5, 000, 000.

The maximum tenor is mostly 6 months as the Access Bank business loan is meant to be short-termed but based on other criteria, you might be eligible for a longer tenor dependent on the purpose the facility is requested for:

  • 12 months for working capital
  • 24 months for asset purchase


Other terms

If you own a business in any of its eligible SME sectors, you can apply for up to ₦5, 000, 000 Access Bank business loan through QuickBucks. Other things you need to understand are:

  • Your business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission
  • The business account must have been active for at least the last six months
  • You must not have any record of a returned cheque within the last 12 months
  • A good credit report from any credit bureau increases your chances of getting the Access Bank business loan for SME
  • Your business must also not have any past due obligation somewhere else

While we do not understand why there is a term mentioned by the bank as below:

Interest: 27% per annum for male owned businesses AND 15% per annum for female owned businesses

How Access Bank Business Loan for SME Compare to Other Lenders

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Options to Access Bank Business Loan for SME

Terms like owning an account with the bank that has been active for at least the last six months could be a stop to your eligibility to qualify for the Access Bank business loan but nevertheless, you might opt for alternative providers.

If you have a good credit report with a registered business name, there are other lenders that can help with the funds you need for your business operation. which you can consider fixing your needs.

What is QuickBucks?

Access Bank Business Loan QuickBucks

The Access Bank business loan for SME can be applied through its Quickbucks solution. But what precisely is it and how can you get it?

QuickBucks is a digital solution that enables you to easily obtain loan products from Access Bank.

This solution is available for you to install on your mobile device from any of Google Playstore or iOS App Store. 

You can also utilise the solution through its web portal and access services like loan, credit cards, device financing and others from your dashboard.

How to Apply for Access Bank Business Loan for SME

Applying for an Access Bank business loan takes a few steps. Below are the processes you can use to access the credit facility:

  • Download the QuickBucks mobile application on your device
  • Set up and log in with your existing account information
  • From your application, locate the loan option
  • Select and apply for retail loans
  • Provide other necessary required information needed

Approval is instant and you get funds within a few seconds of the application once your account is eligible.


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