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Obtain up to ₦10m Zenith Bank SME loan for your business without collateral with a flexible repayment model in 6 – 24 months tenor.

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Monthly Interest

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About Zenith Bank Business Loan for SME

Zenith Bank business loan provides credits to small and medium scale enterprises with funds required for operations,
Here is the summary information regarding your receipt of this facility.



You can apply for funds starting from ₦500, 000 to a maximum of ₦2, 000, 000.


Interest Rate

The interest rate on loan you will pay monthly is 0.75%. There is also a 0.5% – 1% management fee not less than ₦10, 000.



Zenith Bank business loan has a maximum tenor of 24 months but it depends on the category of SME loan.

Zenith Bank Business Loan for SME Terms

Here are broader terms you need to understand depending on the type of your business before applying for this loan

The loan is divided into two categories:


Zenith Bank Business Loan Z-Woman

This Zenith Bank business loan is for female-owned SMEs that has accounts with the bank.

If the business is a partnership, the female’s share should be up to 55% to be eligible.

It comes with a maximum credit of ₦10, 000, 000 spread over monthly or a quarterly payment model not exceeding 24 months.

The annual interest rate is 9%, equivalent to a 0.75% monthly interest fee with an additional flat 1% taken as management cost. 



The second Zenith bank business loan available to other SMEs not eligible for Z-Woman.

If your business falls under this, the maximum amount you can access is ₦2, 000, 000 with the same annual interest rate as the Z-Woman.

Its management fee ranges between 0.5% and 1% but not less than ₦10, 000.


Depending on which you are eligible, your businesses must have been in existence and active for at least 6 months with Zenith Bank.

The loan is primarily open to SMEs operating in one of the following sectors but your business might be eligible after application if you are not in any of the sectors:

  • Beauty/Style
  • Confectionery
  • Fitness
  • Agriculture

The minimum loan amount is ₦500, 000, the maximum amount you can access is ₦10, 000, 000 depending on the category of SME loan applied for.

  • Z-woman SME loan: ₦10, 000, 000
  • MSME Loan: ₦2, 000, 000


The maximum tenor is primarily 6 months as the Zenith Bank business loan is meant to be short-termed but based on other criteria, you might be eligible for a longer tenor up to 24 months:

  • Z-woman SME loan: 24 months
  • MSME Loan: 12 months


Other terms

If you own a business in any of its eligible SME sectors, you can apply for up to ₦10, 000, 000 Zenith Bank business loan at any of its office branches. Other things you need to know are:

  • Your SME is officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Your SME business account must have been active for at least the last six months
  • You should have a good credit report from any credit bureau. It increases your chances of accessing the Zenith bank business loan for SME
  • Your business must not have any pending loan from another provider.

How Zenith Bank Business Loan for SME Compare to Other Lenders

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Options to Zenith Bank Business Loan for SME

Terms like owning an account with the bank that has been active for at least the last six months could be a stop to your eligibility to qualify for the Zenith Bank business loan but nevertheless, you might opt for alternative providers.

If you have a good credit report and a registered business name with the CAC, there are other lenders that can help with the funds you need for your business operation.

How to Apply for Zenith Bank Business Loan for SME

Applying for a Zenith Bank business loan takes a few steps. Below are the processes you can use to access the credit facility:

  • Visit any of its branches closest to you
  • Pick up the SME loan form from its customer service desk
  • Fill it and provide the required documentation
  • Submit for processing

Approval is dependent on the eligibility check on your business account. The maximum you can access could also be based on your annual business revenue.

Once the checks are done and your business is eligible, you will be given an offer letter which once you have accepted, the funds will be disbursed to your business account.


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