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Have Stretch Marks or Scars? Meet the Bio Oil That Seems Your Saviour

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  • Post last modified:04.05.2022

Bio Oil price in Nigeria isn’t bothering considering its performance.

It is tagged the notorious enemy of skin destroying ailments and it is a reason this is worth paying attention.

Imagine how annoying seeing your body occupied by unwanted tenants in form of scars, stretch marks and the ugly nature when it is even dry.

That experience can be so daunting and while you are fighting to get rid of those, maybe you could have been smiling now if you had learned earlier enough about Bio Oil.

Bio Oil Price in Nigeria

Bio Oil Different Sizes

The oil containers are of different sizes and the bottle ranges from 25ml to 200ml.

Depending on the size of the bottle, the prices vary.

But we have seen that pricing in Nigeria starts from a low ₦1,200 to ₦15, 000.

We had a whole lot of thoughts in-house about how to keep the skin hydrated for it to maintain its beauty.

We had a long list of ideas and something that got us engaged was this thing called scar that some of us has garnered a lot over the years.

If you are lucky not to be a too-play type and had escaped injuries during your teen years, you should really do a thanksgiving.

Scars and stretch marks can be so annoying especially if yours happens to be on a part of the skin where you can’t hide them from the public.

What if you have garnered a whole lot over the years like some of us?

One of the solutions we came across is getting bio oil and rubbing it till you are proud of that part of your skin that has been giving you unrest.

You should not be agitated with your skin, isn’t it? You should love it and treat it dearly.

So, what is Bio Oil?

If you have been wondering like we earlier had what this is, it is an oil purely made to help you remove stretch marks, improves scar appearances and contains elements for the control of anti-ageing.

Historically, this is a proven solution with over 350 skin-related recognition according to its maker and has a presence in at least 18 countries since 2002.

Bio Oil Uses

This oil is known for its scaling solutions to skin ailments that include:

Bio Oil for Scars

Bio Oil contains vitamin E which is an essential ingredient when it comes to moisturizing the skin.

With it, it helps improves the appearance and the presence of rosemary and lavender oil quickens the heal of scars as both acts as an antiseptic.

There is also in it, the PurCellin Oil. This enables the skin to absorb it quickly and holds greasy feeling especially for those who think the oily nature could cause discomfort.

According to BioHealth, a minimum of twice daily usage for three months will help your scars achieve the best appearance.

Bio Oil for Stretch Marks

When one starts gaining weight, the body expands causing skin breakages which results to ugly stretch marks.

A prevalent location for stretch marks is the buttock down to the laps and some people experience at their shoulder or a location that has garnered so much muscle.

This can be so bothering. In pregnant women, it is even more annoying after weeks to months of giving birth.

Bio Oil provides an option to help improve their appearance and gives the location a better look.

Even though it doesn’t remove the stretch marks, a solution to bring back part of the skin beauty makes a lot of sense.

Its vitamins combined with the positive effects of plant extracts helps rehydrate the epidermis, the outer layer of your skin.

These ingredients also reduce the itchy feeling that comes with having these ugly marks thereby keeping the skin smooth and moisturized.

The result can be quicker on new stretches but a continuous twice daily usage for three months will help you achieve a greater result.

Bio Oil for Dry Skin

From bathing with soap, the sun, getting older to other factors, the skin is exposed to lots that cause it to lose moisture which leads to poor appearance.

Just as we have seen several times in this article, Bio Oil is an effective solution when it comes to rehydrating your skin.

The product contains cosmetic grade mineral oil, one of the end products of petroleum and an emollient which is also non-comedogenic.

Acting as a moisturizer in Bio Oil, it prevents dryness by keeping the skin soft and smooth.

Another important oil which is also an ingredient in this product is that of calendula, a known solution when it comes to treating skin dryness and sensitivity.

Generally, using this oil regularly will help you get rid of dry skin.

Bio Oil for Aging and Uneven Skin Tone

Ageing is a worrying issue and health practitioners are inventing solutions to help with this.

And of these solutions include those from Edmark and this Bio Oil.

We want to keep the skin fresh as we grow and keeps the appearance of the face looking cool.

Unfortunately, wrinkles and other enemy-tenants will not let you be hence, you begin to lose your skin beauty and becomes bothered.

The Bio Oil contains vitamin E, a source that prevents radicals that causes damages of cells which results in ageing skin and vitamin A adds an extra elasticity.

The oil should be applied regularly if you want to improve appearance and provides support to an ageing skin.

The presence of vitamin A, E and bisabolol (a component of chamomile oil which helps in the absorption of other ingredients in the Bio Oil by the skin faster) helps improves the appearance of uneven skin tones.

If you really want to improve the appearance of the scar and stretch mark areas, this is worth a consideration.

Combining an ability to help you keep your skin fresh, soft and smooth makes it worth it.

This oil has been in use since 1987 and with sure making it in our list for skin care oil, it looks a good choice.

If you love this, do not forget to share it with your circles. Someone could be in need of it and looking to get more information about this Bio Oil.

We also love getting feedback. Feel free to drop yours using the comment box below.

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