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Have you Used an Electric Toothbrush Yet? See the Best Choices

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One of the best electric toothbrushes in Nigeria will switch you away from the manual type once you get hold of one and its importance.

Several times people find it difficult to talk because they have developed an enemy called toothache with pounding pain begging for a rescuer.

Only if they knew harmful acids has developed overtime around the enamel (tooth outer part) and dentin (tooth inner part) which causes ailments due to many factors of which one is tooth plaque that an electric toothbrush is powerful at send-packing.

We love easy things, more important when it gives you a perfect solution to your problem.

When it comes to the mouth, that has to do with keeping it clean for a healthy lifestyle and to smelling nice especially when you speak.

The teeth and tongue contribute a lot to this and brushing is the act that let you keep them clean and free of harmful bacteria.

In recent years, problems such as tooth decay, toothaches and more have been linked to the development of plaque around the teeth.

Unfortunately, people stick to the traditional manual type which is not the most effective solution at getting rid of them, though for the cheap cost.

Due to this, medical professionals recommend the use of an electric toothbrush brush for effectively getting rid of this colourless food source for mouth-living bacteria that encourages the development of destructive acids.

These brushes take the stress off you finding hard to reach areas around your teeth, you only need to apply toothpaste and place it on a tooth and it will move automatically around cleaning without you doing anything other than holding it.

You will be surprised that brushing more than two minutes is actually bad as that can lead to the damage of the gums and the teeth.

An electric toothbrush is enabled with a timer that alerts you when you are brushing too less or too long as a protection and its sensor guide you against hard brushing.

Best Electric Toothbrushes in Nigeria

With a growing trend, it is worth considering which meets your needs financially and usage wise.

And to make it easier, we have given below the best electric toothbrushes in Nigeria:

Best Overall

Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean

Best Electric Toothbrush in Nigeria Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean

A round-heads electric toothbrush with a dual feature to ensure the best cleaning.

The product produces around 8,800 per minute rotations during use but its intelligent pulsing ability for about 20,000 will provide comfort.

Dual heads mean you enjoy twice the action of a single-headed alternative which gives maximum benefits especially when it comes to plaque removal.

In order to stay with the dental recommended time of two minutes per brushing, it features a timer which serves as an assistant by alerting you once you have reached the maximum minute.

In terms of delivery, this is the best electric toothbrush in Nigeria effective most for the removal of plaque and general cleaning.

In terms of availability of replacement heads, Oral-B electric toothbrushes provide more options than any other brand in Nigeria.

So, if you need to replace the head after three to four months (which is recommended) after frayed bristles, you will not find it difficult getting one.

This product is suitable for both kids and adult usage.

Quick Picks

  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Operating Life: 2 weeks
  • Timer: Yes
  • Brush Head: Round shaped
  • Other Features: dual heads for twice action
Best Alternative Choice

Oral-B Vitality Cross Action

Best Electric Toothbrush in Nigeria Oral-B Vitality Cross Action

Considering features, it’s the alternative best electric toothbrush in Nigeria to the Vitality Dual Clean suitable for all brushing ages.

It features an ergonomic handle and a round shaped single head fits for a tooth to tooth cleaning.

The product comes enabled with Oral-B’s MicroPulse bristles which goes deep for best plaque removal.

Just like the first choice, it comes with an in-timer which ensures you do not over-brush by letting you know once you clock two minutes.

Also, replacing the brushing head will not be difficult with an array of available different bristle type heads available for this Oral-B electric toothbrush.

 Quick Picks

  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Operating Life: 2 weeks
  • Timer: Yes
  • Brush Head: Round shaped
  • Other Features: MicroPulse bristles for deeper reach and better plaque removal
Best for Kids

Philips Sonicare 2 Series

Best Electric Toothbrush in Nigeria Philips Sonicare 2

This electric toothbrush features an ergonomic handle suitable for comfortable holding while gently brushing your teeth.

 It has an angle-shaped head, which is poised to give you better cleansing of hard to reach areas around your teeth.

Philips has enabled this product with its EasyStart feature which is meant to help transition you from the manual system during your first 14 days.

This is to ensure you get used to the experience slowly.

It has an intelligent timer that alerts you once it is two minutes of brushing and its Quadpacer timer ensures you do not spend more than thirty seconds on a particular area.

If you are looking for the best electric toothbrush in Nigeria to get your little kids, this looks the best choice.

As an added fun-feature, this electric toothbrush works with an app called the Sonicare for Kids which encourages kids to brush regularly.

While brushing, kids could see a simulation of the brush movement around the teeth courtesy of a character called Sparkly which is a joy to watch.

A good ability of this product is its intelligence to know once you’ve used for up to two minutes. It will shut down automatically to avoid over brushing.

Quick Picks

  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Operating Life: 2 weeks
  • Timer: Yes
  • Brush Head: Angle shaped
  • Other Features: works with a kid’s tailored app that encourages little ones to brush their teeth
Best Cheapest Alternative

 Sarmocare Series

Best Electric Toothbrush in Nigeria Sarmocare

The above might not be pocket friendly but no doubt, their features are awesome.

If you need to get the best electric toothbrush in Nigeria considering low budget, getting one of those made by Sarmocare is ideal.

The Guangdong based manufacturer which begun in 2008 rolled out its series of health-related devices starting with its awesome collection of electric brushes.

Their products also offer most of the functionalities of the devices you have seen in this guide which include:

  • Two minutes brushing timer
  • Effective plaque removal
  • They are 2018 models with cartoon characters suitable for kids
  • There is a minimum of 30 days lifespan for the brushes until recharge

If you are looking for a good one to give you a glimpse what it is switching to an electric toothbrush, getting one of those from Sarmocare will cost you less compared to the other brands.

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush

Unlike the manual, using an electric toothbrush is far better and less stressful.

Here is a simple video that will guide you in switching from a traditional type.

If you are looking to get the best electric toothbrush in Nigeria, the above are the top we have seen so far.

You might be interested in our in depth coverage of different health topics, feel free to check them out.

Do not forget to share this guide with your circle, this will be helpful to someone in need of a solution.

We love getting feedback. Feel free to tell us if you have used one that is great not mentioned in this post.

And if there is any question you want to ask to get more clarifications, the comment box is open for that and we will be happy to help you get one of the best electric toothbrushes in Nigeria.

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