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How the NHIS gives you quality health protection for cheap

NHIS in Nigeria give you access to quality health treatment, you only need to pay a peanut.

The national health insurance scheme in Nigeria was created allowing you to enjoy premium health insurance coverage for a small fee.

With an NHIS subscription, you can access millions of naira worth medical treatments at a very cheap rate and at good hospitals.


Having to be in a state where you need money to take care of a critical health situation can be messy. From thinking about who can help to buying random drugs at a nearby pharmacy, hoping to get well by faith.

In order to close this gap, the National Health Insurance Scheme through a list of approved health management organisations allow you to prepay affordably for your medical needs and you will be able to get treatment for free when the need arises.

The beauty of this is that with an NHIS subscription, prepayment as low as ₦3,000 can give you a very good quality treatment worth millions of naira.


How to Enjoy NHIS in Nigeria

The national health insurance scheme has different coverages, below are how you can enjoy the benefits of NHIS in Nigeria

Individual Voluntary Contribution 

As an individual, you can cut cost on what you spend to staying healthy by participating in the Vital Contributors Social Health Insurance Programme, shortened as VCSHIP.

With the VCSHIP, you enjoy cheap but quality medical treatments and consultations at a value very affordable on a periodic basis.

This programme is administered through NHIS approved health insurance providers (HMOs) in Nigeria.

HMOs are licensed organisations that help to foster the growth of NHIS in Nigeria. They champion the onboarding of the public to the programme and helps in its general management.

For you to start getting the benefits of the national health insurance scheme as an individual, the first thing you need is a subscription through one of the companies.

Because they are many of them, it is quite difficult to know which is the best in terms of quality of operations especially as it concerns their relationship with hospitals and health care practitioners close to you.

Factors to Consider Choosing an HMO

But to assist you, consider the following while choosing an HMO:

  • Nationwide operations: some HMOs are only limited to a state operation while some works with hospitals across the nation. If you want to take full advantage, consider working with a provider that has a national license type as you will be able to use your NHIS participation everywhere in Nigeria


  • Hospital Network: this is essential as not all hospitals partake in the programme. Before buying an NHIS subscription in Nigeria, demands to see the list of hospitals and medical centres that works with the HMO


  • Service Delivery: it is another crucial factor to consider so you don’t have aftermath regret working with a provider. If you know an HMO you want to work with, try getting to know how people currently signed up under it are faring. Is the quality of service ok or not? Several of them are said to be almost invisible outside the major cities hence, an idea of satisfactory service will be helpful.


Editor’s Pick HMO to Consider

Reliance HMO

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • A low pricing starter of ₦3, 500 for ₦1.2m worth of health care
  • Services redeemable nationwide at Reliance HMO 850+ partner hospitals
  • 20% of your annual payment back if you stay healthy all year
  • Telemedicine puts doctors in your pocket
  • All plans come with gym access
  • Active 24hours customer service channel
  • Has plans for older people

Reliance HMO has a very good hospital network from which you can choose from coupled with a growing number of health care professionals available for consultations through its telemedicine that will enable you to talk to a doctor right from the comfort of your home.



FAQs About NHIS in Nigeria

What is the full meaning of NHIS?

NHIS means the National Health Insurance Scheme.

How do NHIS work in Nigeria?

The below list how NHIS works in Nigeria:

  • HMO collects funds from participants (individuals to organisations)
  • The HMO then gives each participant an identity which is used for the redemption of health care at selected hospitals
  • This participant can then walk into any of the HMO partnering health care centre or hospital when sick to get treatment without having to pay extra money
Is NHIS Compulsory?

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is not compulsory at the moment but individuals and organisations are encouraged to participate in order for it to achieve its objective of making good health care affordable to everyone.

How Can I Apply for NHIS Online?

To apply for NHIS online, choose an HMO with facilities that allow for participation online.

How do I Renew my NHIS in Nigeria?

To renew your NHIS subscription, contact the health management organisation through which you are signed up with or if you are participating through your employment, relate with your company department that handles your NHIS.

Can I use NHIS everywhere if I Pay?

Yes if you subscribed through an HMO that has a national license. 

How much is NHIS in Nigeria?

Payment for the participation in NHIS in Nigeria differs per HMO but you can pay as low as ₦1,000 monthly to access the benefits that come with the subscription. 

How Can I get my NHIS Number?

NHIS is administered through an HMO. The HMO assign you a unique NHIS number which you can use to redeem health care at the hospitals.

To get this, simply login to your HMO portal and if yours provide e-ID, you will be able to see it or better still, contact your relevant health management organisation for assistance.

How many hospitals are covered by NHIS?

This depends on your health management organisation but those with national licenses have on average over 1, 000 hospitals as partners across Nigeria.

Which health care can I access with my NHIS?

Your HMO determines your access limit depending on your plan but in most, the below are covered:

  • Outpatient treatments
  • Inpatients treatments
  • Surgeries
  • and other special care needs like mental health 
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