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Need the Best HMO in Nigeria?

Compare the Best HMO in Nigeria plans and prices to decide which works for you.

With a growing list of health insurance providers in Nigeria, determining the best in terms of service delivery can be quite uneasy.

Combining several factors, we have gathered the top HMO in Nigeria for you to compare and enjoy the best of benefits that come with their health insurance packages.


In determining the best HMO in Nigeria, a plan from a nationwide accessible top health insurance provider will give you the best benefits.

Most importantly why is how you can easily access health care in any state because your HMO provider has a national license type.

For this and many other features from the different providers in Nigeria, a relationship from any of the below top HMO in  Nigeria promises good experience based on hundreds of reviews collected from several channels.


Best HMO in Nigeria

Here are the top HMO in Nigeria you can get a plan from to enjoy the best of benefits that comes with the National Health Insurance Scheme

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Editor’s Choice

Reliance HMO

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • A low pricing starter of ₦3, 500 for ₦1.2m worth of health care
  • Services redeemable nationwide at Reliance HMO 850+ partner hospitals
  • 20% of your annual payment back if you stay healthy all year
  • Telemedicine puts doctors in your pocket
  • All plans come with gym access
  • Active 24hours customer service channel
  • Has plans for older people

This is the only independent health insurance provider in Nigeria that has a convenient monthly package.

Reliance is the leading provider among the list of best HMO in Nigeria using a tech-driven model to make available modern tools required for accessing medical needs.

It has a topnotch customer service channel available 24 hours daily via chat and phone calls.

Nothing beats working with a provider that you can be confident to get your issues resolved even at late nights hence, in addition to its active support channels, it has telemedicine with which you can speak with a doctor anytime from the comfort of your home.

Since not every issue requires a physical visit to the hospital, the ability to talk to a doctor remotely does not only save you late night risks but also the stress and cost of transportation are avoided.

With a growing provider list and how you can easily access health care at any partnering hospital nationwide makes it one of the top HMO in Nigeria.

Another reason Reliance HMO is worth it is its coverage for older people. Most health insurance providers only cater for ages 0 – 59, with a few considering up to 69 years of age.

With its pre-existing condition plan, you can subscribe to or gift a plan to someone older than 69 years.


Hygeia HMO

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • An affordable annual pricing model starting from ₦29, 000
  • Services redeemable nationwide at any selected Hygeia HMO partner hospitals
  • Over 1,200 hospitals and health partners across Nigeria
  • Easy access to your ID for service redemption through its mobile app

Delivering services since the 80s, you can have a list of best HMO in Nigeria without one that has been in the sector right from the early days.

Hygeia HMO has one of the largest networks of hospitals and medical centres nationwide, over 1,200.

Though it does not have monthly payment options, its annual pricing starter of ₦29, 000 for HyBasic Normal plan is pocket-friendly.

Another good feature of this top HMO in Nigeria is its provision of a mobile application where you can monitor usage as well as access your electronic identity necessary for service redemption at the hospital.

If you have an interest in telemedicine, this health insurance provider also has facilities that will enable you to consult with a medical professional remotely from your home.



AXA Mansard HMO

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Its EasyCare plan starts from ₦12, 000 for a half-year health care
  • Over 1, 300 hospitals and partner medical centres where you can redeem treatments nationwide
  • The retail plans covers medical aid in Nigeria and India
  • Its Platinum plus gives you access to a health insurance worth over ₦4m and will cost you ₦489k per year

AXA Mansard is another top HMO in Nigeria with reliable services.

With different categories of packages, the cheapest plan is priced at ₦12, 000 for a six-months period which covers health insurance worth over ₦300, 000 during the length of your subscription.

It has retail plans which has more features and the premium to access the benefits that comes with packages under this category ranges from ₦49, 600 to ₦489, 600 on annual basis worth between ₦750, 000 to ₦4.5 million.

With AXA Mansard, retail plan subscription is redeemable at partnering hospitals in Nigeria and India, good benefit making it one of the best HMO in Nigeria for individuals that roam between the two countries.



Avon HMO

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Its Individual Life Starter plan starts from ₦19, 999 per year
  • Over 400 hospitals and partner medical centres where you can receive treatments and consultations
  • Easily access your profile from its manager dashboard portal
  • It has plan that covers international medical insurance

With a plan pricing from ₦19, 999 annually, Avon is another affordable top HMO in Nigeria.

It has categorised plans for individuals, couples and families with the latter two being discounts on its main retail packages.

Avon HMO has a distributed network of over 400 hospitals in Nigeria. While this might not be comparable to some of the best HMO in Nigeria, its list could have one of the closest hospitals to you.

Using its access portal, you can easily view your details from the dashboard.



Metrohealth is one of the best HMO in Nigeria and has one of the very good health insurance coverages for optical medical needs.

Its premiums start from ₦ 70,000 to ₦400,000 on annual subscription with all eligible for private wards when inpatient services are required.

While the cost for its plans might be higher compared to most of the top HMO in Nigeria, good reviews from its client base signals reaping of the best benefits that come with the subscription.

It has a network of over 360 hospitals and medical partners spread across states nationwide.


How to Choose a Top HMO in Nigeria

Deciding on which health insurance provider is the best HMO in Nigeria depends on several considerations. If you want to buy a plan, take note of the below:

License Type

All the health insurance providers have different license class: one that limits them to a state, another that is just region and that which gives them the power to operate everywhere.

If you move around frequently, choosing a nationally licensed top HMO in Nigeria will give you the best value for your subscription.

With a nationwide operation strength, you can easily redeem medical needs at any of your provider’s partnering hospitals and medical centres in every state.


Health Care Providers Network

In deciding the best HMO in Nigeria to work with, it is important for you to search the list of hospitals that works with them.

This way, you can see the ones that are easily accessible to you from your location. You shouldn’t have to walk far to get medical needs, especially when an emergency is required.

Many of the health insurance companies in Nigeria has a dedicated page on their website where you can check to see which health provider on their network is closer to you.

If you do not see a nearby hospital, consider switching your search to another best HMO in Nigeria.



This feature gives you the ability to talk to a doctor without leaving your room hence, saving the stress and cost of a hospital visit.

Some of the top HMO in Nigeria has this service as an addon on all their plans that you can easily connect to a doctor using your mobile phone or a computer connected to the internet.

Though some do not have this service directly, they might have through a remote consultation provider.

If one of the best HMO in Nigeria you want to work with does not provide this service, consider speaking to the support unit if there exist any partnership with a third party that can give you a discount on telemedicine services.


Existing Customer Rating

While all the top HMO in Nigeria listed have been researched and deemed fit for you to buy a plan from, there exist other health insurance providers with juicy cheap packages.

If you want to consider buying plans from any of them, make sure to do your research considering the current feedback from existing users.

Some health insurance providers have bad relationships with hospitals which can affect your experience at the point of redemption hence, make sure to choose one with a good reputation.


Plan Terms

In choosing a plan from one of the best HMO in Nigeria, a good factor you should pay careful attention to are the terms applicable to the plan you want to purchase.

An instance is the length of days you need to wait as apart from Reliance HMO, all the well-known insurance companies have wait periods with most demanding at least 14 days before you can start enjoying the benefits that come with your subscription.

Try to review the worth of benefits you are eligible to get in terms for outpatient, inpatient, telemedicine and other applicable divisions to ensure you are buying the plan that fits your needs.


Buy Longterm Plan

Some of the best HMO in Nigeria has short to long term plans.

While the short term is more affordable and convenient, a long term buy will save you some money as you enjoy a discount from the provider when you subscribe for a year compared to the monthly payment option.


Having health insurance is worth it as you can save lots of money getting a plan from one of the best HMO in Nigeria. 

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