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These PlayStation 4 Consoles Are The Most Awesome You’ll Find Around

If you’re an avid gaming fan, PlayStation 4 or the PS 4 will be conversant.

The maker, Sony is known for releasing series of PlayStation under the same model with naming convention as:


  • Original PlayStation: the first to be released to the market
  • PlayStation Slim: a slimmer version of the original and
  • PlayStation Pro: a more advanced of them all with the best gaming especially if you love a virtual reality experience.


PlayStation 4 Price in Nigeria


PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 Slim
PlayStation 4 Pro
From ₦120k
From ₦150k
From ₦230k
10.83in x 12.01in x 2.08in
10.43in x 11.34in x 1.54in
11.61in x 12.87in x 2.17in
AMD Jaguar 8-core (x86-64)
AMD Jaguar 8-core (x86-64)
AMD Jaguar 8-core (x86-64)
AMD Radeon (1.84 TFLOP)
AMD Radeon (1.84 TFLOP)
AMD Radeon (4.2 TFLOP)
500GB / 1TB
500GB / 1TB
Optical out
802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)
802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz + 5GHz)
802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz + 5GHz)
AV out
HDMI 1.4
HDMI 2.0
Power consumption
250w max
165w max
310w max
4K Streaming
USB 3.0 (x2)
USB 3.0 (x2 )
USB 3.0 (x3)
PSVR support
Yes (Advanced)


Not minding each of these PlayStation 4 prices in Nigeria, which of the below impresses you most?

Super Golden Version

playstation 4 gold

A very catchy coloured device which will add a unique touch to your home.

The eyes love beauty and like you know, gold is always gold.

Usual Black

playstation 4 black

The black version is the most common you see around.

This colour is best when it comes to scratches on the PlayStation 4. Scratches on this version are less noticed compared to others.

The Army Skin

playstation 4 army

Another lovely device with the beautiful look of the army uniform.

This no doubt will get your friends saying wow being in your room as this colour is rare to see around.

Awesome White

playstation 4 white

White is always cool, isn’t it?

It also brings that coolness to this PlayStation console.

It might not be the best when it comes to managing stain but then, you can’t deny it brings awesomeness having it in your room.

You love what is beautiful and you have seen what should be the cutest. Which is your choice?

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