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The Deals you should Check on Jumia Black Friday

Jumia Black Friday guide you need for jaw-dropping deals and discounts this year.

With the widest collection of items in different categories connecting you to different sellers, there is something to get for yourself on Nigeria’s largest shopping portal.

The Jumia Black Friday is one of the sales events that keep the platform busy in November with mouth-watering deals especially the famous Jumia Treasure Hunt where you can grab items for more than 95% off.

There comes different amazing experiences year to year with this episode promising to be bigger than previous years for increased product listings and merchants.


Jumia Black Friday

Jumia Black Friday is a sales event where you are given opportunities to get some of your favourite products and services at great prices lower than their original cost.

With thousands of listings which will have a lot of discount during the sales, treasure hunt and flash sales, there is a need you shoud stay alert for amazing deals.


Jumia Black Friday Deals and Offers

You can enjoy special discounts by checking deals on dedicated Jumia Black Friday offer pages per category:

Phones and Tablets
Special sales on brands selected items with up to 40% discounts. If you are looking at getting yourself an iPhone, Jumia Black Friday mobile phone deals are worth checking.
Television and Accessories
You can grab a TV set with accessories like soundbar, wall bracket, shelf and others upto a 70% off the original prices
There are upto 65% off fashion items from popular brands like Defactor, Disney, Ella Mathew, Adidas etc.
Enjoy upto 51% price slash on generators from Elepaq, Lutian, Firman and more
Jumia Black Friday gives you an opportunity to get a laptop and any of its accessories with a discount up to 35%
Health and Beauty
If you need items like lipstick, perfumes, hair clippers and alike, this is the deal for you with over 30% off prices
Playstations and Gaming
You can also get any of the PS series like PS 4, PS 5 this Jumia Black Friday season with special discounts. Xbox, Nintendo and others are not left out with amazing deals
Home and Office
This is one of the categories that has a lot of Jumia Black Friday deals with price reduction upto 70% off
If you are in need of consumables and toiletries this season, Jumia Black Friday supermarket deals can save you some money with prices as low as 65% plus off
With upto 70% discount for automobile equipments, you can save some money by buying this Jumia Black Friday period


The generic deal to save more money this Jumia Black Friday is getting an extra discount using JumiaPay which can save you up to ₦10, 000 off your total cart worth in addition to other category-based offers.

Jumia Black Friday Phone Deals

Jumia Black Friday Mobile Phones

Phone category is one of those with so much interesting offers, here are the slashed price deals on Jumia Black Friday phones:

Apple iPhones
Get your favourite model of iOS smartphones through one of the Jumia Black Friday iPhone offers to save more than 30%. 
Infinix is another brand where you can save over 20% on models like the Smart HD, Hot 10, Zero 4, S5 Pro and others.
You can get up to 25% price drop on models like the Spark series, Phantom X, Camon series including the T-series of feature phones.
With some of Samsung smartphones having a discount of over 35%, this is one of the Jumia Black Friday sales pages you should check out.
From handheld smartphones to home desk devices, you can get over 40% price slash checking offers on Huawei dedicated page.
This is one of the top smartphone makers and you should check its Jumia Black Friday offers with over 20% price drop for your new device.
The S and M series including the S12, S11, and S10 has discounts up to 25% with even higher drops for internationally shipped Gionee smartphones.
You can get up to 20% discount on Oppo devices like the Reno 5, A8 ,save more on accessories like the Enco W31, W11 and even replacement batteries.
This brand has made a name for itself for good and affordable smartphones. You can get over 50% off its international shipping models.
With its name becoming popular for its Note series, this smartphone maker has its devices at discount of over 20% on models like J5, J3 and Note 7.

Jumia Black Friday Tablets Deals

Jumia Black Friday Tablets

This is another category with amazing offers, here are the deals on Jumia Black Friday tablets:

Models like XWT02, Joypad 8S are some of Infinix tablets and with Jumia Black Friday tablet deals, you can save over 10% on these devices.
This brand is popular for its Phantom Z+ device with a lot of interests weighing over 4-star rating. Enjoy over 10% price slash on Valem products.
From DroiPad to Tab P704A, Tecno has some of the best tablets to choose from deciding on items with price drops of over 15%.
Apple iPad
You can’t talk about the best of tablets without mentioning an Apple iPad. Enjoy discount of over 10% deciding on its varying screen devices and combine for more with any Apple watch.
Another well-known name when it comes to big screen devices. The Galaxy Tabs are some of the best to have for yourself and now is a better time with over 15% discount via Jumia Black Friday tablet deals.
A renowned Nigerian brand in computing devices. You can get over 10% off prices of its kids tablet especially the Pro 7″ device this season.
Ulefone might be so popular for having rugged gadgets. Its tablet falls in the same category and with over 10% slash on the Ulefone Tab A7 10.1″ device, you are poised for a good deal.
Models like the MatePad, MediaPad, Honor Tab has Huawei up there as one of the high-tech tablet brands and with discount of over 20%, you can get yourself a device via Jumia Black Friday tablet deals.
Atouch tablets are a leader when it comes to devices for kids educational use. If you need a gadget to help your children do well academically, this might be the best time to buy with over 10% discounts.
Lenosed is one of the highly rated tablets for kids. There are varying deals on models like the Tab 5, E100, and A73.


Jumia Black Friday Laptops Deals

Jumia Black Friday Laptops

Whether you need a device for business, personal use or a student best lap gadget, there is one to grab for less through Jumia Black Friday laptop deals.


Apple MacBook
With Jumia Black Friday laptop deals, you can get over 10% discount on any of the Apple MacBook devices this period.
HP devices enjoys price slash of over 15% on models like the Pavilion, Stream to others for gaming, businesses and personal use. 
Whether it is an IdeaPad or a ThinkPad, Lenovo has options for you to choose from while enjoying discount of over 15% via Jumia Black Friday laptop deals.
Google Chromebook
Enjoy conventional applications alongside Android apps on your Chromebook from varying brands while paying less this sales season.
From mini devices to larger screens, you can get over 10% price slash on Asus models through Jumia Black Friday laptop deals.
This is another well-known brand when it comes to laptops and with a price slash up to 30% off, you can get a classic device for yourself.
From Inspiron, Latitude, Vostro to Alienware, Dell has a perfect laptop to fits your needs and with price drops of over 10%, it is a good time to grab one.
Infinix might be so popular for its line of smartphones but made an entrance into the laptop space with introduction of the INBook series of laptops and with over 5% off, you can get your hands on one.
Jumia Black Friday laptop deals also extends to Zinox made devices with the Ultrabook enjoying over 20% discount.
Microsoft Surface
The Surface Book are not left out this sales season with over 10% discount to save you some bucks this period.


Jumia Black Friday Games and Sports Deals

Jumia Black Friday Games

If you are looking at catching some fun playing games on your TV or need some gears to get yourself stay fit this season, the Jumia Black Friday games and sport offers are worth checking.

The Jumia Black Friday PlayStation deals has amazing offers on PS 5, PS 4, PS 3 to PS 2 and with price discount of over 15%, it is a good time to buy one of the PlayStation consoles for yourself.
Enjoy over 15% price drop on Xbox One X with more on companions that includes the kinetic sensor bar.
Nintendo is another gaming console you can consider for your home that has amazing games and with deals of over 15% discount on its cost, you can get yours this Jumia Black Friday sales event.
Whether it is soccer, basketball to fitness based jerseys, you can get a lot for less and save this period.
Exercise bikes from brands like DeYoung, Aerofit are on sale this Jumia Black Friday and with slashes of over 10%, it is a good time to consider having one.
Enjoy biceps curls, chest flies and shoulder raises this season by getting yourself some dumbbells at great deals.
With over 10% discount on treadmills, you can get your home some good exercising equipment without spending much.
From sit-up, pull-up bars and even to benches for sit-up exercises, there is more you can get through Jumia Black Friday deals for bars.
Whether you need a trainer for elliptical exercises or need one for core and abdominal trainings, you can buy for lesser cost and save some money this period.
While getting new exercising tools, you can also enjoy discounts on accessories that include mat, gloves, jumping ropes, suits and more on Jumia Black Friday sport deals.


Jumia Black Friday Television Deals

Jumia Black Friday Television

The TV is another category where interesting brands competes for your attention this sales season, some of the deals you can get on Jumia Black Friday television includes:

With price slash on models like the LM6300, 50UN7340 and other smart TVs, you can save over 15% getting one for yourself.
You can get up to 20% off on Samsung television prices and even higher on some of its 4K models like the 40″ and above screen sizes.
This is one of the big brands when it comes to price slash during the Jumia Black Friday television sales with over 20% off prices.
This brand also has discounts on its electronics with TVs having over 20% price drop to save you some money on its normal to smart devices.
A multi deals brand with offerings of more than 17% on its 32″ television. A good choice if you are a big fan of its other devices.
Another well-known electronic brand that will help you save by taking advantages of its more than 20% price drop on Jumia Black Friday television deals.
Enjoy more than 20% discount on Hisense televisions with over 40% on its accessories.
Whether it is a 19 inches device to its smart 55 inches TV, you can get more than 22% off on Itel Jumia Black Friday televisions.
This brand has some of the most affordable curve TVs and with over 15% extra this season, you can save more.
Another well-reviewed brand that delivers quality. With over 17% price slash, you can get any of its varying screen sizes TVs.


Jumia Black Friday Home Theatre Deals

Jumia Black Friday Home Theatre

If you need a new set-up for your sound system or needs an upgrade, the Jumia Black Friday home theatre deals will help you get one at a good price.


When it comes to high fidelity gadgets, LG is one of the most reliable brands. Through Jumia Black Friday home theatre deals, you can enjoy discounts up to 30% on Xboom and others.
With Hisonic, you get a free DVD when you get most of its sound systems coupled with over 20% price slash this sales season.
Hi Tech
This brand has audio electronics within the price range of ₦30, 000, making it an affordable option and you can save up to 18%.
Talking of good audio output and quality, Hisense soundbars are a great companion for your theatre set-up. Save over 20% via Jumia Black Friday home theatre sales.
From curved to straight soundbars, Samsung has one to fits your style. With a price slash of over 25%, you can get yourself a good sound set-up at home.
This is another well-known brand when it comes to audio systems and with a price slash upto 30% off, you can get a classic home cinema set-up.
Another affordable brand you can enjoy up to 30% discount on its audio devices through Jumia Black Friday home theatre deals.
With Amani, you can get up to 20% on sound system deals to save yourself some money this sales season.
From conventional to tower speakers, Enkor has one for you to select. Enjoy over 18% on its gadgets this Jumia Black Friday sales.
This brand is popular for its super bass standing speakers and with over 20% price reduction, you can get yourself a home cinema experience this period for less.


Jumia Black Friday Kitchen Appliance Deals

Jumia Black Friday Kitchen Appliance

Jumia Black Friday kitchen appliance deals has offers from well-known brands and with price slash ranging from 15% to as high as 50%, you can save some money this season.


Freezers and Refrigerators
You can get yourself a good cooling appliance from brands that include Haier Thermocool, Syinix, LG, Samsung and enjoy over 15% discounts via Jumia Black Friday kitchen appliance deals.
Microwave Ovens
Reheat and enjoy soft cooking by getting a good appliance and save some money doing so on Jumia Black Friday microwave oven sales
With brands like Nexus, Binatone, Midea, Skyrun and others, you have options to choose from quality while getting a discount of over 20%.
Dishwashers and Dryers
Having a discount of up to 30%, Jumia Black Friday dishwasher and dryer offers are worth checking to get that companion to handle dish-cleaning.
When you need a quick cup of coffee and has light, fancying using pot is almost never when you have a functioning kettle. This category has items with slash of over 20%.
The blender section has items from brands that include Binatone, Master Chef and others with upto 30% discount this Jumia Black Friday season.
Food Processor
Whether it is to crush some cooking ingredients or needs one to help in pounding the yam, you can get a food processor and save over 20% off original price.
With over 15% price slash on models from Binatone, Sokany, Kenwood, you can get a new fryer for your kitchen this sales event.
Yoghurt Makers
Home yoghurt machine is a necessity for making that tasty drink yourself. With up to 30% price drop, you will save getting one of the best.
Hot Plate
Not every time you would want to use the gas cooker especially with an almost constant electricity. Save some gas and money by getting yourself a hot plate while enjoying more than 20% discount.


Jumia Black Friday Generator and Inverter Deals

Jumia Black Friday Generators

If you are looking for an alternative power solution, Jumia Black Friday generators and inverter offers might be your best bet for a good deal.


Haier Thermocool
Power generating machines from Haier Thermocool are one of the best and with over 15% off prices on Jumia Black Friday sales, you can get one for less.
Senwei generators are another good alternative power supplier for your home. Enjoy up to 30% discount this sales season.
From manual to key starters, Elepaq has one for you and through Jumia Black Friday generator deals, you can save over 15% off original prices.
One of the oldest brand when it comes to generator set and with slashes starting from 10% discount, your home can get a Tiger generator for less this period.
Sumec Firman
This is another good brand known for its rugged power machines. Enjoy over 18% off on prices for its models of manual to key starter generators.
If you need an inverter, Afriipower is one affordable provider with different capacities for your power need. Via Jumia Black Friday inverter deals, you can save up to 10% on this brand.
Lutian has some of the beauty-in-look generators around coupled with their qualities. With over 10% price slash this season, you can have one at home affordably.
SUOER produces solar panels and batteries of different capacities to enable you power the home with sunlight. You can get a good deal of over 20% discount.
Honda is another popular name when it comes to generators and with a price deal of over 15% discount, you can get one through Jumia Black Friday generator offers.
This is the most popular in terms of soundproof distribution and if you are looking at getting one for your home, you can gift yourself some price slash via Jumia Black Friday generator deals.


Jumia Black Friday Health and Beauty Deals

Jumia Black Friday Beauty

The health and beauty categories also has amazing offers where you can get personal care items and other necessary accesories.

Smell nice for less this season by grabbing over 20% discount on products from Calvin Klein, Burberry, Elizabeth Arden and others via Jumia Black Friday perfume deals.
There is also Jumia Black Friday concealer deals from brands that include La Girl, Focallure, Glams and others.
Facial products are enjoying price drops with Jumia Black Friday foundation offers having some of the best deals with over 20% discount.
Get your lips shining beautiful for less by grabbing enough products this season at affordable rates.
Body Creams
Whether you need a good cream for chocolate skin or one that works great for dark skin, there is that for your need and you can save over 30% via Jumia Black Friday body cream deals.
While shopping for your facial needs, the eyes also deserve a treat and with over 15% price drops on mascara, this is a good time to get some.
Oral Care
From toothpaste, brushes to teeth whiteners, you can get some oral care items for your home this season while enjoying over 15% off original prices.
Hair Care
Whether you need a shampoo or some hair growth products, you can get over 10% discount on items from hair care brands this Jumia Black Friday sales.
From bone straight to Brazilian hairs, coupled with over 20% price slash, you can get that beautiful hair you care for this period while spending less.
Whether it is a kajal or eye liner, you are poised to spend less on items from brands like Anself, Milani, Karite and others on Jumia Black Friday eyeliner deals.


Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt

Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt is one of the special events with users competing to grab an item discounted to 99% off original price and usually hidden in a category with possibly unknown product image or different tactic as determined by Jumia.

The treasure hunt is usually scheduled as below:

  • 6 AM for morning edition
  • 12 PM for afternoon edition
  • 6 PM for evening edition


Winning the item on a treasure hunt edition depends on many factors:

  • Knowing the right category to search. Jumia usually signifies this
  • You should be logged in before participating as the winner is the first to place an order for a treasure hunt item once found
  • Make sure you are trying your luck with a good internet connection as a second delay could make you miss it


Jumia Black Friday Voucher Codes

There are Jumia Black Friday special voucher codes you can use per category during this sales event to get extra discount at the point of checking out.

While no code is made public yet, this space will be updated when they are available.


Jumia Black Friday FAQs

If you want to learn more about this shopping event, have a check on some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Jumia Black Friday?

It is a yearly sales event on Jumia where you can buy a lot of products at hugely discounted rates.

When is Jumia Black Friday Sales Starting?

Jumia Black Friday sale starts at the begining of November, 5th until 30th.

Though the official Black Friday date for 2021 is November 26th but Jumia usually starts days before the official date.

What is Jumia Black Friday Flash Sales?

Just as the name, it is a flash sale where an item is put on sale for a short period of time.

Item used for a flash sale is usually at a heavy discount with limited stock.

For you to get a flash sale product, you need to be fast before it is out of stock due to many people being interested in it.

Can I participate in Jumia Black Friday Sales if I am not in Lagos?

Jumia is a country-wide shopping destination hence, you can shop the portal from anywhere in Nigeria and you will get the product delivered to you.

Though same day delivery is available to people residing in Lagos for many items, you can as well get yours to wherever you want within the country. 

Can I Cancel or Return a Jumia Black Friday Order?

You can cancel an order, as long as it has not been delivered.

Though, once it is delivered and you notice a fault, you can request a return and you will be guided on the procedures.

Is Jumia Black Friday for Online Shoppers Only?

While you get to experience most of the event actions shopping online, you can as well participate without an internet access.

The best ways to join in the deals is by:

  • Call Jumia Customer Experience Unit and tell them about the product you want to buy and order can be placed on your behalf. The contact number is 0700 600 0000
  • Another way is through a Jumia Jforce Ambasssador. Though this might be difficult to find depending on your area but a search on Facebook indicates they are a quite number of them you can use.

What is Jumia Prime?

Jumia Prime is a subscription based service where you will get to order items and you will not have pay delivery pay as long as you have an active Prime subscription.

This is suitable if you are a regular online shopping on Jumia.

Is Jumia Black Friday Sales Only on Fridays?

The event is in November and runs through everyday until the end of the moment and up to first week of December.

While it has Friday in its name, a lot of items are sold at discounted rates during the event but special deals like Treasure hunt happens on Fridays but then, flash sales is everyday and you can always catch one.

What is the meaning of the Yellow Star Rating on Products?

The rating stars are reviews from customers who bought the items.

A higher rating indicates satisfactory while lower means the produtc did not meet the customers’ expectations.

Basically, use that as a guide to make your buying decision.

How do I Use the Voucher Code?

Voucher codes will give you discount at the point of checking out.

  • Add items to your cart, proceed to checkout once you are done.
  • Locate voucher code field on the page, usually after you have provided your delivery address and selected a payment method
  • Paste the code and apply to get the applicable discount


Shopping online can be fun when you get more for cheap and with many items at great discounts this season, there is no better time to touch the savings to get some items you have always wanted through Jumia Black Friday deals.


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Obi Nkem
6 months ago

If you love shopping, then Jumia Black Friday is for you. Jumia Black Friday is always my favourite. I love shopping more during this period because almost everything is on discount and the items are really durable.