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Best Rebate Sites to Earn Free Money While Shopping

Cashback webistes are a free channel to earn free money if you shop regularly.

If you care to save while shopping, no better way than jumping on one of the best rebate sites around.

But with many rebate sites, determining which is the best in terms of service is hard to tell.

Just to save you the breath, this guide will give you the best cashback websites that have proved over a long period of time to be worth spaces in your list.


If shoppers were to save an average of 5% on their purchases in 2018, a sum of about $50 billion would have gone into their pockets.

But more than half of the population who spent the estimated $1 trillion in 2018 arguably did not save anything from what they spent.

The reason is that they likely haven’t heard of or not taken it a key to use one of the best cashback websites to earn rewards.

But you, using these rebate sites will help you earn some money you can push for your next expenses.

Unfortunately, with so many of these cashback websites shutting down and some appearing scam, not all rebate sites are a fit for you to signup.


Err, What Really Are Cashback Websites

Cashback websites are rebate sites that act as bridges between you and a shopping site.

The primary objective of cashback websites is to help you save on what you spent shopping on their partners’ portals.

Depending on the site, the reward could be in percentage of what totalled you spent at a partner’s website or a flat rate as offers differ.

We have provided a detailed explanation of how cashback websites work from the background. You can check to learn more concerning their operation.


Best Cashback Websites

We have so many cashback websites but this list below focuses on the most reliable cashback websites around based on:

  • Usage experience
  • Easiness of site use
  • customers’ reviews


Ebates: $10 Signup Bonus

Best Cashback Websites eBates


One of the oldest and reliable cashback websites around operating since 1998.

Ebates has many offers to give you discounts while shopping and booking hotels.

It has a wide range of coupon codes from different partners to enable you to enjoy discounts in addition to cashback.

Ebates in-store cashback makes it one of the best cashback websites among shopping elites.

With the in-store feature, you simply link a payment card to an offer. Make your purchase offline and pays with your linked card to earn cashback.

Another cool feature you will love is the Ebates VISA Credit Card meant to earn you cashback anytime and anywhere you use it.

The Ebates VISA Credit Card adds extra cash back to your earnings that makes it worth having.

Take an instance enjoying a minimum of 10% on Ebates hotels or enjoying cashback alerts when you pay with Apple Pay.

Ebates has mobile apps available for Android and iOS users.

Also, if you do not want to miss a cashback opportunity, simply get the Ebates cashback button for chrome and gets triggers for cashback each time you visit a partnering Ebates store.

Minimum payout on this cashback website is $5.01 that could be through delivery of Ebates big fat check to your address or direct payment to your Paypal account.

With $25 instant cashback, this is one of the best rebate sites with cool referral bonuses once you fulfil requirements.


Quick Picks:

  • Over 2,500 partners 
  • You can also earn cashback from offline stores
  • Credit card for earning bonuses after payments
  • $5 signup and $25 refer-a-friend bonus
  • Withdrawal via check or through PayPal


TopCashBack: $10 Referral Bonus

Best Cashback Websites TopCashBack

This cashback website has been in business since 2005 with offers from over 4000 of your favourite online stores.

With revenue dependent on advertising partners, TopCashBack offers you 100% of qualifying cashback commission received from collaborating stores (at least, they promised).

A major competition to Ebates and promises to offer a matching cashback if you found a more enticing cashback rate on another cashback website that is higher than what you earned on their platform.

This cashback website has mobile apps available for both iOS and Android users.

They also have the Cashback Notifier browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers to help you save each time you are shopping on a partner store’s website.

You can choose to receive payments via your bank through Automated Clearing House (ACH), Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal, American Express Reward Cards and Gap e-Gift Cards on this cashback website with no set minimum for payout.


Quick Picks:

  • Over 4,000 partners
  • Promises to pay you more than other cashback websites
  • Multiple cashback options through mobile apps and browser extensions
  • It also has multiple withdrawal channels including through your bank, PayPal, etc.
  • Earn $10 for referring your friend


Dubli: $10 Referral Bonus

Best Cashback Websites Dubli

One of the best cashback websites with international coverage.

This rebate platform has offers from a wide selection of over 12, 000 online retailers in more than 60 countries worldwide to help you save on your local and international purchases.

Based on the number of merchants, Dubli is one of the largest rebate sites online currently with the possibility of cashback currency localization using any of the available over 160 local currencies.

Due to its large collection of merchants and focus on international audience, cashing out of your eligible cashback earnings can be through many options that include PayPal, Paytm, and bank accounts.


Quick Picks:

  • Over 12,000 partners
  • Three withdrawal channels including Paytm, PayPal and Prepaid MasterCard
  • Up to $10 referral bonus
  • SaveMate browser extension to help you catch discounts and cashback
  • Join the VIP plan to enjoy higher rebates


Swagbucks $10 Referral Bonus

Best Cashback Websites SwagBucks


One of the best cashback websites with a unique rebate culture amongst its loyalists who earn Swagbucks for shopping, watching TVs and even just filling surveys.

You earn Swagbucks for shopping through to one of over 1500 SwagBucks’ affiliated merchants.

The Swagbucks are convertible to cash and gifts card. A Swagbucks is equivalent to $0.01, which means that your 1000 Swagbucks will gift your wallet $10.

This cashback website also has the browser extension to help you enjoy more and mobile apps for all Android and iOS users.

As for payout, you can request your cashback earnings as gift cards to your favourite merchants like Amazon, Walmart etc.

You can also request your earnings paid into a Swagbucks Virtual MasterCard or get your earnings transferred to your PayPal account.

As for minimum cashback payout, this generally depends on your need. You can get an Amazon gift card for as low as $3 but PayPal is at 2,500 minimum Swagbucks, which is equivalent to $25.


Quick Picks:

  • Over 1, 500 partners
  • Earnings are convertible to shopping gift cards or PayPal credit
  • $10 signup bonus
  • A browser extension to help you catch discounts and cashback
  • Increase your earnings by doing simple events like filling surveys, watching videos and more


Shopathome $10 Signup Bonus

Best Cashback Websites Shopathome

With an existence since 1986, Shopathome is one of the best cashback websites that has earned trust in the industry.

This rebate site fetches deals and offers from over 1000 online stores to enable you to save on your purchases at those retailers’ websites.

Availability of mobile apps for iOS and Android users means your cashback is always mobile.

It is also one of the rebate sites that provides cash back shopping button extensions for browsers which are available for Chrome and Firefox to alert you when a cashback opportunity is on while shopping.

Payout on this cashback website is through any of Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal or a Check, which is only possible when your accumulated cashback reaches a minimum of $20.


Quick Picks:

  • Over 1, 000 partner merchants
  • Earnings are convertible to shopping gift cards, Check or PayPal
  • $10 signup bonus
  • A browser extension to help you catch discounts and cashback
  • You can also participate in surveys to increase your earnings


Using one of these best cashback websites will help you save a ton that will surprise you someday.

Since you have nothing to lose, you should jump on any of these rebate sites whenever you want to do your shopping.

If you have more cashback websites we have not added on this list, feel free to add using the comment box below.

Do not forget to share this guide with your friends, someone will be happy to see this.

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