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43 Inch TVs

43 Inch TV in your home brings an immersive experience, thanks to widescreen display and other amazing specifications.

With so many brands with different offerings for 43-inch widescreen television, you have ample options to choose which falls within your taste, whether it is for budget, better displays, the trust level and other factors.

They are so many amazing 43 inch TVs in Nigeria from brands such as Infinix, Itel, Samsung, LG, Hisense and other greatly reviewed names, buying one for your home should not be a difficult decision to make considering these makers are well known for quality and of course, highly rated user reviews.


43 Inch TV Prices in Nigeria

Here below are the prices of 43 Inch TVs for your home:

43 Inch TV Brand
Price From
Jumia Page
₦ 155, 000
₦ 180, 000
₦ 240, 000
₦ 230, 000
₦ 130, 000
₦ 126, 000
₦ 125, 000
₦ 120, 000
₦ 155, 000
₦ 113, 000


Infinix 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 155, 000


Infinix 43 Inch TV

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The Infinix 43 inch TV is an amazing electronic device for your home.

Powered by Android just as most Infinix televisions, this smart device gives you the control to access more contents from your favourite applications downloadable from Google Play Store.

This widescreen display device comes with its smart remote which will ease how you control events on the television. Talk to your TV from a distance seamlessly.

It comes with an air mouse and e-remote, these features will turn your smartphone to a powerful asset for managing operations of the TV like volume adjustment, channel tunning, application controls to a lot of other actions. 

This Infinix 43 inch TV supports connectivity that includes WiFi, USB, HDMI, AV-in, Bluetooth, Airplay, and you can also do screen mirroring.


Review the Specifications



Smart TV


Screen Size: 43″

Resolution: 1920*1080







USB: Yes


LAN: Yes

WiFi: Yes

Cable/Antenna: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes


Operating System: Android 9.0

Smart Remote: Yes

PVR: Yes

Pre-installed Apps: Netflix, YouTube


LG 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 180, 000


LG 43 Inch TV

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LG is another well known brand with a good collection of different screen sizes of television.

To enjoy that life’s good moment with LG, its 43 inch TV prices in Nigeria differs based on specifications as it has LED full HD and smart options.

The full HD version starts at a price of ₦ 180, 000 while the UHD smart TV version which comes with a magic remote has a price tag of ₦ 235, 000.

There is also the type which has a satellite receiver, enabling you to enjoy free to air television channels and will cost you a one time price of ₦ 208, 000.

Specification power differs depending on the type. The higher the price, the more premium the features but all has unique features peculiar to the LG brand of televisions.

Samsung 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 240, 000


Samsung 43 Inch TV

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Samsung is another premium name when it comes to television set.

Widely regarded in homes that loves quality, the prices of 43 inch TVs in Nigeria when it comes to this brand also varies depending on the features.

Similarly to the LG brand, Samsung has full high definition and ultra HD smart 4K. The FHD is the cheapest amongst the set costing between ₦ 240, 000 to ₦ 260, 000.

As for the higher version, the ultra high definition smart 4K 43 inch TV is priced on shopping platforms at ₦ 330, 000.

Which of the two you buy, you are poised to get an amazing display and lovely sound known for years by Samsung powered products.

TCL 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 230, 000


TCL 43 Inch TV

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TCL is another brand that has made its name in homes through quality delivery when it comes to widescreen television.

Its 43 inch TV is powered by the Android operating system giving you the opportunity to enjoy more from your favourite applications which you can download from Google Play Store.

The TCL widescreen 43 inch television will cost you a price of ₦ 230, 000 which is really worth it considering the high star reviews from tracked shoppers who got this for their homes.

This ultra slim cinema experience electronic device comes powered with chrome cast which will allow you to display actions on your mobile phone to the TV and with its pre-loaded apps that includes Netflix, YouTube, you have more entertainment routes in your home.

Hisense 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 130, 000


Hisense 43 Inch TV

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Hisense is another name doing well based on customers’ reviews tracked on online shopping portals for its 43 inch TV.

With options to choose between full high definition and 4K smart home cinema powering device, the decision of what serves you best is yours to make.

Just as most of the 43 inch TVs from some brands with varying models, the Hisense 4K smart 43 inch TV is higher in terms of cost and specification. You will spend a purchase cost starting from ₦ 180, 000 to get this version.

Though lower type which also has amazing specifications has a pricing tag starting from ₦ 130, 000. A really pocket-friendly option while getting a good value. 

Both really has great specifications with the smart 4K as you might have known getting most of the awesomeness. It comes with features such as WiFi that allows you to connect your TV to the internet at will, pre-installed apps that include Netflix and YouTube brings you closer to enjoy that amazing cinema-moment.

Konka 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 126, 000


Konka 43 Inch TV

If you want to buy this


Konka has amazing televisions and you are poised for a good buy getting its 43 inch TV.

At the price starting from ₦ 126, 000, this is another moderately affordable electronic device you should have on your television shopping list.

This alternate option to consider comes with a widescreen, elegant frame design and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for that cinema-like viewing experience at home.

Though it does not come built with an Android operating system, the Konka 43 inch TV is packed with pre-built applications that include Netflix and YouTube. More fun at a pocket-friendly budget.

The Konka 43 inch TV can connect to external devices through its USB, ethernet, coaxial and HDMI ports for extended benefits.

Itel 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 125, 000


Itel 43 Inch TV

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Itel 43 inch TV is another smart television for that amazing viewing experience at home.

It is also built with Android operating system, you can enjoy games, videos through any Android OS based application downloadable from the Google Play Store.

This electronic device comes with an internal memory of 8GB to handle your TV storage need including holding some of the applications on the TV screen, media files and videos.

Just as other Itel made televisions, this 43 inch widescreen display device comes with a smart remote for that seamless event controls.

Infinity 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 120, 000


Infinity 43 Inch TV

If you want to buy this


Infinity 43 inch TV is another alternative television set you can consider while shopping for your next display and cinema-experience device.

This model is its smart version powered by the Android operating system giving you the power to enhance your entertainment access.

It comes pre-built with popular video and movie applications that include YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Hulu Plus and more with social media and messaging solutions like Facebook and Skype also. 

At a price starting from ₦ 120, 000, this is a very pocket-friendly option compared to many of the 43 inch TVs on this list.

Syinix 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 155, 000


Syinix 43 Inch TV

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Syinix is another brand you should have on your list when in need of a new 43 inch TV for your home.

This brand makes line of televisions with amazing displays according to tracked reviews from shoppers on online shopping platforms.

With its 43 inch TV, you will have the experience of having a large Android smartphone on your wall according to one buyer.

The Syinix television is powered by the Android operating system, which means freedom to enjoy great programs through available applications you can get via Google Play Store.

Buying this cinema-experience electronic device means you will have one that powers great pictures, thanks to its 1920 x 1080 pixels display strength.

Polystar 43 Inch TV Price in Nigeria

Price From

₦ 113, 000


Polystar 43 Inch TV

If you want to buy this


Polystar has amazing varying models of 43 inch TVs to choose from, the smart and the HD LED version.

The curved television set is a smart home companion built on top of the Android operating system to give you access to enjoying programs from applications downloadable from the Google Play Store.

Whichever you pick, you are poised to have features that includes great picture displays with external connectivity options that include HDMI, USB, optical and coaxial cables.

The smart curve takes it to a higher level, thanks to its possessing of WiFi connection capability which will allow you to stream videos from pre-installed software that include YouTube, Netflix, and Tubi TV. Also, it comes with Facebook and Twitter.


Enjoying that great cinema experience at home on a widescreen is yours to make, and with this list of 43 inch TVs in Nigeria from top brands, you are poised for awesomeness.

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